1950′s Sling Chair

Sitting has long been looked down upon, but to date, we have no convincing reason why. It yields many benefits. For example,  it’s the number one way to watch television and  it’s also the primary pastime of sanitarium residents. This slate leather 1950’s Sling Chair ($899 – $1975), laced to a trestle frame, is perhaps the best thing that sitting has to offer. The shape of the chair’s semi-recumbent posture encourages health and assists in curing those recurring bouts of insanity that are scaring your family. Also available in a variety of leathers.

TYLT Band Car Charger

The hardest thing about texting while driving is staying within the lines—a problem I’m still trying to overcome in my coloring books. Often, it’s a side effect of short car chargers that allow no freedom of movement. The TYLT Band Car Charger ($40) offers a solution to this problem by supplying 24 inches of cable; in addition, the band is also furnished with regular and micro USB’s on opposed ends. Now about those coloring books…

iPad Foosball

If you’ve ever owned a foosball table, chances are you don’t anymore or it’s in the garage warehousing old toy boxes at awkward angles. Yes, foosball tables have lost some of their social relevance here in the U.S., much like soccer, but New Potato Technologies is attempting to change that by introducing the Classic Match iPad Foosball Table ($99). The table works along with the iOS game called Classic Match Foosball and is equipped with 2-axis control levers that create an authentic experience of real gameplay.

TiGr Lock

Remember that one time you accidentally locked your bike to another bike, had a day at the beach, and never saw it again? Yeah, that was sad. Odds are, if you had the TiGr Lock ($165), that wouldn’t have happened. The TiGr is a 24” long titanium bow, comparable only to wrapping a ship’s anchor around the frame of your bike. Extensive enough to capture both wheels on most road bikes and versatile enough to carry with you everywhere, you won’t ever have to worry about getting any part of your bike stolen. Unless, of course, you lock it against an empty parking meter, then it may get impounded.

Zerocaster Office Chair Racing Wheels

It’s a very strange thing to sit on a chair, in one motionless spot, all day long. After a series of hours, the body desires to ambulate, to move, to bolt across a room haphazardly. The Zerocaster Office Chair Racing Wheels ($26) help to do just that, satisfying that absurd moment in human nature when the office chair needs to become a runaway train. The hubless design of the ZC070 promotes a smoother, stronger, and quieter type of roll on any carpet, wood, or if you’re feeling really crazy, jagged concrete surface. The dangers of a sedentary lifestyle no longer just include diabetes.

Bellroy Card Sleeve Wallet

The “Nude Approach” isn’t just a lifestyle practiced by some freethinking communities, it’s also the idea behind Bellroy’s new minimalistic concept. The Card Sleeve Wallet ($55) does away with the traditional bi-fold arrangement and maintains only a vegetable tanned leather sleeve with slits on each end for quick extraction of business cards, credit cards, or folded dollar bills. The sleeve features a pull-tab to avoid any type of unwanted delay in removing your items. Also, some members of these aforementioned communities also come with a pull-tab, but any type of temptation to pull on these will be quickly interrupted by the discovery that they produce no money.

Star Wars: the Ultimate Action Figure Collection

If you are reading this and still playing with toys in the bathtub, then that’s just entirely pitiful; if you are reading this and never have, then you should do it now because it’s just about the best thing ever! Whatever Steve Sansweet’s bathing habits are, you should not take his new book into your next shower. Star Wars: the Ultimate Action Figure Collection ($25), is a comprehensive lexicon of Star Wars’ actions figures throughout their 35 year and 2,500+ toy history. Each page contains nicely sized and well-detailed photos of the action figures, sure to satisfy any long-time fan of the saga.

Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows

Marshmallows are interesting, but lack a sense of purpose when unaccompanied by a healthy endowment of liquor. Whiskey is desirable, but lacks a sense of sophistication without a marshmallow. For these two valid reasons, Wondermade has fused these two ingredients to create the Handcrafted Bourbon Marshmallow ($7.50/box). Made by one of Kentucky’s finest distillers, these ‘mallows are laced with Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey, which is proclaimed to have a “sweet body and warm aroma.” Each box comes with 16 1″x1″ marshmallows, half of which will be likely dedicated to your next batch of “inexplicably fantastic” candied yams.