Get Down To The Nuts And Bolts Of Chess

Combine your love of tools and chess with this Tool Chess Set ($245). Thirty two handcrafted chest pieces from everyday nuts and bolts. Each come powder-coated and in a tool chest carry case (available in black and red). Mark this down as another chess set for tool aficionados.

Star Wars Producer JJ Abrams Designed These Mystery Playing Cards

JJ Abrams has magic in his hands. The all-star producer has guided Alias, Lost, Star Trek, and the upcoming Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and Star Wars sequels. Amazing resume. Now, he’s done a one-off design for playing cards, Mystery Box Playing Cards ($10). These come wrapped and sealed in letterpressed kraft paper. Open them up to reveal a Bad Robot deck (Bad Robot being Abrams’ production company) with artwork by Abrams himself.

Also consider the Lockbox edition ($150). Twelve decks in a handcrafted wood box made from 100-year old reclaimed wood and an iron-branded alphanumeric combination lock to protect it. Best part is $1 from each purchase go to 826 national, an American non-profit that promotes creative writing and workshops in schools.

Don’t Lose Your (And These) Marbles

Marbles, they’re not just for kids. At least not these ones. These cost $1,000 each. And what do you know, people actually buy them. Mike Gong created this series of handmade glass marbles titled “Acid Eaters”. They feature pretty wicked designs, images of eyes popping out and swirling, LSD-type patterns. The marbles are also 5 feet tall. Just kidding. But THAT would be really cool.

Dice+: High Tech Roller

If you’ve always thought the ‘board’ in board games was spelled b-o-r-e-d, we feel your pain. Perhaps it all stems from the die, that ancient gaming accessory. Dice+ ($40) is an electronic die that uses Bluetooth power to hook up with smartphones and tablets to take some traditional games into the 21st century. You roll it, your gear recognizes it. The list of games at the moment is small (Backgammon, This Way Up, and Bella & Max among others), but Game Technologies is promising many more to come at in Apples App Store and on Google Play.

Bacon Playing Cards: No Grease Hold ‘Em

The effort to live a fully bacon-involved life surely carries over to your leisure time, but bacon on the card table could be a distraction. Work in the cured pork motif with these Bacon Playing Cards ($10) and pick up poker night with a reminder of what awaits you on your breakfast table the next day. In addition to the standard set you also get the “Bakin’ with Bacon” card game that challenges you to collect all the necessary ingredients to complete your bacontastic recipes before your opponents complete theirs. Delish.

Cardboard Foosball Table: Turn Any Room Into A Game Room

Working at a cool place like Google or Amazon probably means fun perks like break rooms where employees are encouraged to blow off steam with fun games. Sadly, most of us instead work for evil jerkbags who only grudgingly provide working toilets. But hey, now any room can be turned into a game room with the Kartoni cardboard foosball table. Just bring it to work and unfold the fun as everything comes together without screws or frustrating tools. The cardboard is made from 100% renewable raw materials, and despite its eco-friendly status, the tech sector is recognized with a built-in speaker for the iPhone.

Whatever Dice Are Made Out Of, Precision Machined Dice Improve On That

How does one make dice anyway? What is that stuff? Plastic? Not sure. But a few weeks ago we showed you some nifty stainless steel playing cards, and the only thing tackier than not having those cards is having those cards and not having some Precision Machined Dice ($33+) to go with them in your home gambling repertoire. Choose from aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, or titanium. Each die is precision machined from a solid piece of raw material, so the only hollowness you’ll feel is that feeling in your tummy when you roll snake eyes.

Stainless Steel Playing Cards

When TV’s Ed Asner invented the world’s first playing cards in 1983, they were made out of al dente pasta*. Through the years they’ve been constructed out of heavy paper, cardboard, plastic, alligator skin, and now, we finally have a winner: Stainless Steel Playing Cards ($143). Each card is crafted from high-grade stainless steel and emblazoned with classic English style numbers and graphics. The question you have to ask yourself is, are your poker buddies even worthy of touching these beauties?

(*Haven’t checked this out on Snopes yet).