Star Wars Producer JJ Abrams Designed These Mystery Playing Cards

JJ Abrams has magic in his hands. The all-star producer has guided Alias, Lost, Star Trek, and the upcoming Star Trek, Mission: Impossible and Star Wars sequels. Amazing resume. Now, he’s done a one-off design for playing cards, Mystery Box Playing Cards ($10). These come wrapped and sealed in letterpressed kraft paper. Open them up to reveal a Bad Robot deck (Bad Robot being Abrams’ production company) with artwork by Abrams himself.

Also consider the Lockbox edition ($150). Twelve decks in a handcrafted wood box made from 100-year old reclaimed wood and an iron-branded alphanumeric combination lock to protect it. Best part is $1 from each purchase go to 826 national, an American non-profit that promotes creative writing and workshops in schools.

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