Treehouse Hotels In South Africa Let You Sleep In The Wild

Staying at the Best Western and seeing the sights when traveling. So generic, so meh. If you can make it to South Africa, now that’d be an adventure. Even better, sleeping in a treehouse with lions, hippos and giraffes. The Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa offers just these accommodations. They also have private lodges for the less adventurous.

Sure, they have amenities such as a spa, fine dining and swimming pools. Skip those and head to the treehouses. These let you sleep out in nature with minimal modern conveniences. That means no electricity and the chance to wake up to a giraffe staring at you. That’s gotta be better than sleeping in some cigarette-smelling room on a who-knows-what’s-been-done-on-this comforter.

Poland’s Renovated Hotel Tobaco by EC-5: Smokin’

What do you with a former cigarette factory? Most people might say burn it to the ground, or film a lot of those scary Truth commercials there. But nope, Polish design and architecture studio EC-5 has turned convention on its head and created Hotel Tobaco in Łódź, Poland’s third largest city. And EC-5 didn’t try to run from the building’s past, either. There’s plenty of the old stuff left intact, including exposed wiring and this splotchy concrete and brick wall behind the front desk. Elsewhere there’s gigantic room numbers painted on the doors, and lots of bright splashes of blue, violet and green.