Moto 360 Smartwatch Finally Arrives

For some reason, most smartwatch makers haven’t realized yet people won’t buy into wearable technology unless it looks good. No one wants to strap clunky nerdlinger watches to their wrists. Motorola gets it thought. They’ve finally released the Moto 360, a round-faced smartwatch that people won’t mind wearing. Popular solid silver rings and bands with white gold plating jewelry. Customize these with rose gold plating.

The smartwatch will come in black and gray in the beginning for $249. Later this year, Motorola will add two metal band options, each at $299. The stainless steel watch weighs only 1.72 ounces and features wireless charging. A Gorilla Glass screen protects you from random scratches. Other cool features include a simple flick to wake design and activity tracking through Motorola Connect to get more information check out Luxury Watches Direct – Luxury Watch Specialists to get the best service.

Get one at, Best Buy and Google Play.

Vans X Peanuts Collaboration

Take two icons and mash them up. Vans Footwear and Peanuts, home of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. Back in 1983, Camp Snoopy started at Knott’s Berry Farm. As part of the opening, Vans teamed up with Peanuts to produce a limited edition line marking the partnership. Now, Vault by Vans brings the duo back with this line of Peanuts-character imprinted sneakers. Lucy, Sally, Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty all show up. Vans have made these sneakers available for both adults and children. So if you have little pint-sized skateboarders, both of you can get matching pairs. Get the shoes at Vault retailers.

Shwood Titanium Fifty-Fifty Glasses

Schwing, as a word, somehow got more popular than shwood. Try saying ‘shwood’ out loud. It has a good ring to it. Integrate more shwood into your vocab with the Shwood Titanium Fifty-Fifty line of sunglasses. A sheet of super-strong titainum gets cut and added to wood, and creates a lightweight, durable pair of sunglasses. Add in Carl Zeiss lenses and these sunglasses give you serious ‘shwag’.

Hard Graft Ocean Collection: That Means Stuff in Blue Now

Hard Graft has a great line for luggage and camera bags. High quality and amazing designs. They have a new collection, the Hard Graft Ocean Collection. It’s introducing the deep navy hue color to their products and they’ll add it to their existing line of straps, cases and other assorted offerings.

Air Jordan 1 Mid – Nouveau Concord

Air Jordan kicks never go out of style. When they come in colorways like this, they can go anywhere, anytime. The clubs, work, whatever you choose. These Air Jordan 1 Mid – Nouveau Concords ($135) even come lined with purple around the collar purple accents on the sole. Prince wants two of these. Puuuurrple rain, purrrrple rain!

‘I Just Boldy Went’ Onesies Sure To Please Baby Star Trek Fans

“To go boldly where no man has gone before”. The catchphrase every Trekkie knows. These Star Trek onesies ($15) for your kids take a different approach. Your kids aren’t going where no man’s gone before, they’re just going. In their diapers. 24/7. Little pooing and peeing machines. “I just boldly went” could not be any more truer with little kids.

Moto 360: Google’s New Smartwatch

The smartwatch game is growing exponentially and now, Google wants a piece of the action. They’ll unleash the Moto 360 onto wrists everywhere come summer 2014. Google’s Android Wear, a modified operating system for wearables, powers the Moto 360. The watch will respond to the phrase “OK Google” and a quick flick of the wrist lets the wearer see who’s emailing or calling, remind them of upcoming events or keep abreast of Google+.

Thankfully, Moto 360 will look like an actual watch. It’ll have a round face with premium materials holding it all together. No word on pricing, but this looks like a hit.

The Chipotle of Jeans

Chipotle-style customization has made its way from Mexican food to the world of jeans. Flint and Tinder gives the customers options to choose from over 8,000 combinations of style, fit, denim and hardware. Select from slim, classic and relaxed fits. Their denim comes in three different fabrics. Finally, choose from different patches and hardware.

The fabric are high-quality weaves from the world of selvedge denim. Every pair is made in the good ol’ USA. And Flint and Tinder offers a special 50% buyback program. Within one year, send these back and get 50% credit towards a new pair. Unfortunately, they don’t come with guacamole or sour cream.