Print Carbon Fiber Car Parts With the Mark One 3D Printer

3D printing will revolutionize the world. What does it mean for FedEx, UPS and USPS? How much more productive will society become? Will we ever go to stores again or will we become a community of hermits quietly printing parts in our basements?

All good questions because new inventions like the MarkForged Mark One will quickly force society to answer them. This new 3D printer can print carbon fiber, fiberglass, nylon and PLA (a thermoplastic) materials. That means printing everything from car parts to phone cases to really strong, but uncomfortable, condoms. The only limit is your imagination.

The machine itself looks straight out of the future. An aluminum body, a translucent printing bed, stunning to look out and (hopefully) amazing to use as well. Pre-orders start now at $5,000 with shipments going out later this year.

ProDesk3D: First Full Color 3D Desktop Printer

While 3D printing has been all over the tech blogs for a couple of years now, there haven’t been made many models ready for Joe 6-Pack ready to purchase. The ProDesk3D printer is a full color printer for the home and business featuring a snazzy design, re-usable cartridge system, and a super fast setup and installation. Now if we could just get Joe 6-pack to get his drinking habit down to like, two beers max, he might be able to afford those toner cartridges.

3Doodler Pen: Pretty, Sketchy

We’ve all dabbled in doodling. From the curvaceous blonde you dreamt about in studyhall to the sci-fi creature that also strangely resembled your cousin Charles, studies show most students generally have a 70-30 ratio of drawings to actual notes in their composition notebooks. The 3Doodler pen elevates the art substantially by letting you sketch in three dimensions; think 3D-printer in your hand. Invented by Boston-based toy & robotics company WobbleWorks, the 3Doodler uses cutting-edge ABS technology (aka magic) to release strands that support themselves as you release them. The only downside: tougher to hide your creations in class.

Cubify 3D Home Printer: More Magical Than Magnets

We don’t pretend to know exactly how the new Cube 3D home printer ($1,299) works, but then again, we’ve gotten by all these years with the same amount of knowledge on magnets as Insane Clown Posse. We do know however that the second generation printer can make anything you can imagine up to 5.5 inches cubed. With the touchscreen UI, more material choices, and improved accuracy and speed, we’ll maintain that ignorance can still be bliss.

Roland DG iModela/iCreators

Desktop fabrication, also known as 3D printing, is an inventor’s low-cost, creative dream come true. The iM-01 iModela, from Roland DG, is the newest desktop machine that will allow crafters, inventors, and designers (or those who don’t get out much), the chance to 3D shapes and patterns from various materials like wood, foam, and plastic. Just connect the iModela to your computer with a USB, and go hog wild!  If you’re not the imaginative type, this might not be the thing for you. Either way, the iModela promo video (below) is definitely worth checking out for purely entertainment purposes.

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