vela: Green Lantern. Or Blue, Or Red, Or Yellow…

Vela (pronounced veh-la) is a Bluetooth-enabled LED lamp from the small but spunky crew at Michigan-based twisthink. Is it just a light? Yeah, but it’s about as versatile a lantern as one could hope for. When fully charged it promises 16 hours of luminescence at full intensity, and many more hours if it’s dimmed. You can change the colors it emits at any time or set it to change on a timer; you can make the light dance like a candle; heck, you can even blow your phone to turn it off. So basically it’s four times as entertaining as Ryan Reynolds in Green Lantern.

adidas Smart Ball: Bend It Less Like Posh Spice

If you’ve always envied the amount of stats that baseball fans get to pour over, yet you fancy yourself more of a soccer guy, the adidas Smart Ball should be on your radar. Using a sensor at the core, the ball is able to analyze its precise flight characteristics once it goes past 10 meters. Speed, spin, bend, trajectory of the flight, and more will be relayed to your iPhone app. There’s also a training mode that promises to get you bending it more like David Beckham and less like Victoria.