GORUCK Civvy Kit Bag

Sometimes jumping out of a plane is the only solution to a bad in-flight movie. But what about your luggage? Problem solved with the Civvy Kit Bag from GORUCK ($195). This bag is based on the same one used by paratroopers on airborne operations, and with the founder of GORUCK being a former Special Forces Green Beret, you’re getting the real deal here. He came up with the concept for the gear on the battlefields of the Middle East and put the finished product through its paces in hot spots across the globe. The extra pockets, longer carrying straps, and increased durability mean you’re ready for any situation–even bailing out of something Tyler Perry presents at 30,000 feet.

Transit Issue Passport Folio

You know you have it somewhere. The question is where. In the safety deposit box? Stashed away in the suitcase you took on your trip to Europe? Perhaps it’s in your junk drawer smashed beneath the crazy glue, your gas lighter refill tube, some old batteries, your cigar cutter, a random golf ball, and the photo of her that’s torn in half. Maybe if you invested in a quality crafted folio, you would take better care of your passport. Check out the new Transit Passport Folio, crafted in Canada and made of 100% full grain aniline Italian leather. For $198, this leather folio features easy zipper closure and a small internal slip pocket that measures 9.75″ x 5.5″. So next time you plan to travel internationally, you can spend more time pre-gaming at the airport instead of digging for hours to find your passport.

Gant Rugger Leather Goods Collection

There’s nothing quite like the smell and feel of robust rawhide in the morning, and Tarnsjo Tannery, widely considered one of the finest leather producers in the world, would strongly agree. Check out this new leather accessories collection introduced by GANT Rugger for SS2012 and produced by the Swedish Tarnsjo that includes a leather slip case ($495), a leather phone cover ($94), leather card holder ($155), and leather belt ($150). As one of the few remaining European tanneries, Tarnsjo’s process is still 100% organic, and they have managed to maintain their same techniques since 1873. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….or something like that in Swedish.

Vault by Vans x Taka Hayashi x Billykirk

What goes better with a pair of shoes than a bag (besides a great pair of legs to fit into those shoes)? Well-known Vault by Vans designer, Taka Hayashi, in collaboration with Billykirk, has designed a new leather shoe and bag duo, now available at Vault by Vans dealers. Included in this collection is a dress shoe-like Derby TH LX, Taka’s version of the esteemed Sk8-Hi skate shoe, and the Sk8-Hi TH LX/Billykirk No. 207 handmade Padded Laptop Flight Bag, which makes that three new items altogether in this elegant, collaborative collection.

Libero Ferrero Oak & Eddon Bag

Much like yourself, the new Oak & Eddon bag from Libero Ferrero is pleasing to the eye – modern, stylish and rugged. But when it comes to their leather goods, “good looking” isn’t good enough for the founders of Libero Ferrero. They made it their mission to create leather products for men that are functional and durable as well. This classic carry-on suitcase has double-zip closure and more storage space than the truck of your Mercedes. It can even accommodate a 20 inch laptop. This an absolute must have bag for the man who only flies first class.

Special Edition Rickshaw Messenger Bags

November 11th is Corduroy Day. Yes, I said Corduroy Day. 11/11/11, it matches the lines in Corduroy fabric. But what if I’m a bigger fan of Velour you ask? Well, then your sh—outta luck. This day comes along once ever 100 years, so celebrate this thick, durable, ribbed for your pleasure fabric with special edition Rickshaw Corduroy Messenger Bags and iPad Sleeves. Well-known for their locally-grown (San Francisco) and eco-friendly custom products, Rickshaw Bagworks keep the hits coming with this collection. Made with velvety strong corduroy (grade, #4 wale – 4 cords to the inch), these will fit in perfectly at your next Occupy Wall Street rally or Veterans’ Day Parade.

Burnside Pannier by Philosophy Bag Co.

For those bicyclists out there, consider using the Burnside Pannier by Philosophy Bag Co. to schlep your things around. Philosophy Bag Co. maintains an environmentally and socially conscious credo. Materials are sourced locally as best as possible, and workers are paid living wages. One of their bestselling products, the Burnside Pannier, is designed to withstand the elements. The stay-dry flap design protects against rain, sun and snow, while providing adequate ventilation. It’s also water and oil resistant, meaning it’ll look good for as long as you own it. Access the interior 3 pocket organizer using the speedy straps, which cut down on needless buckling and unbuckling. Support the environment and community, and look good doing it. Entirely made in the USA, they can be purchased here.

Unit Portables, Ikea Your Laptop Bag

Belkin and Case Logic are great if you want functional storage for your laptop and other accessories. Not so great if you care about style. Scandinavia’s Unit Portables introduces Units 01 – 04, customizable bags that do not sacrifice style for function. The unit numbers indicate specific bags or pouches within Unit Portables’ line. Unit 01 refers to its laptop bag, the base unit which is able to house up to a 15″ laptop. On the Unit 01, you can hook the smaller pouches of Units 02 – 03, or the iPad bag, Unit 04. All bags come in 5 different colors and available for purchase in person at their Scandinavian store. Doh! They expect availability internationally eventually, but you can tide yourself over at the Unit Portables’ site.