Beats by Dr. Dre x Snarkitecture Studio Headphones

Imagine Dr. Dre sauntering into the Apple boardroom with these ultra-white special edition Beats headphones on his head. That would make an amazing scene. This special collaboration for the Beats by Dr. Dre x Snarkitecture Studio Headphones breaks out an all-white design and a special edition Pillow. Don’t rest your head on this Pillow though; they’ve made it out of all concrete. Head over to the Beats site on June 9th to grab you own pair.

Beats Pill

Shoving loud audio funnels directly into my ear canals is usually the best way to hear my music, but sometimes (sigh), sometimes I have to actually be sociable and let – eesh – conversation mingle with music in my hammers and anvils. It’s for those times that Beats has created the Pill ($200), a portable Bluetooth 2.1 speaker. The sound is provided by four 1-inch drivers, and the power comes from the internal battery, which is said to last about seven hours. God forbid I ever need to mingle with other humans for seven hours, but just in case…

Beats by Dr. Dre Beatbox

Blast the ghetto with the Beats by Dre Beatbox. Let all your “homies” know what “sick fresh beats” you’re currently “jamming on”…I’m white. The Beatbox ($399) includes an iPod dock, Bluetooth, a remote control, and a 5.25-inch woofer, making sure that the subtlety and privacy of iPods will soon be replaced by the ear shattering pulses of boombox beats. Hoist the Beatbox onto your shoulder and play “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy on an endless loop, Radio Raheem style. (Warning: Dre does not guarantee 100% success at reigniting lost love by wistful boombox serenading).

Chrysler 300 Luxury Series Sedan

Chrysler is reaching for the top hat and gold-plated cane when it comes to the new 300 Luxury Series. Niceties inside the ride include ultra-premium leather, hand-sanded matte wood, and world-class craftsmanship and refinement. Under the hood you’ll find the Chrysler 300 is the first domestic luxury sedan to feature an 8-speed automatic transmission, along with best-in-class 31 highway mpg and 292 horsepower via its 3.6-liter aluminum Pentastar V-6 engine. Meanwhile, Hip Hop Hall of Famer Dr. Dre signed a deal with Chrysler to get his patented Beats audio technology into the Chrysler 300, so besides all the fancy accoutrements, you’ll get bowel-shaking bass. The Chrylser 300 starts at $40,145 and arrive in the first-quarter of this year.

Beats by Dr. Dre Executive Headphones

Coming soon for $399.95 to Monster’s store listings, Beats by Dr. Dre Executive headphones now go from fun and funky to modern and sophisticated. Their new boardroom inspired design features a brushed metal finish, leather headband, and easy folding capabilities. As with all other Beats products, the new Beats headphones will allow users to hear their music “exactly the way the artist intended”, offering them the ultimate music listening experience. Personally, I’d be one of the first in line to hear “Natural Born Killas” and “Keep Their Heads Ringin’” the way the doctor himself truly intended.