Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery

Twin Peaks came on, and then went out, with a bang. It only lasted from 1990-1991, but won three Golden Globe awards. Now, a special 10-disc Blu-ray collection, Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery ($120), drops and it gathers all the episodes, the 1992 film Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, and 90 minutes of deleted scenes. The box-set includes the original version of the pilot show, and a special international version. The only thing NOT included is David Lynch’s remake of Return of the Jedi.

Kevin and Winnie Return. The Wonder Years Finally Coming to DVD

Fans of the popular mid 80s show, The Wonder Years, this news will make your day ten times more amazing. Maybe 12 times. StarVista Entertainment/Time Life intend to release, The Wonder Years: The Complete Series, uncut, unedited, on DVD later this year. Not only that, the set will include all the original music, including the opening song, “With a Little Help from My Friends”, by Joe Cocker.

TV Guide called it one of the “Top 20 Shows of the ’80s”, but the extensive use of popular music in the series made securing licensing for a rerelease quite hard and expensive. The show ran on ABC from 1988-1993 and told the story of Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) through a series of flashbacks from 1968-1973. Imagine each episode as a Viral Nova headline produced for the small screen. Or imagine Modern Family circa 1960s.

Daft Punk Random Access Memories Box Set: The Daft-initive Collection

Daft Punk’s big album this year, Random Access Memories, is about to get even bigger with this behemoth of a box set. Drop $275 on this baby and you’ll score a treasure trove of both media and memorabilia including: a 56 page hardcover photo book of images from the RAM recording sessions and film shoots; special edition 180 gram double vinyl of RAM with gold and silver foil labels; 10” collector’s vinyl containing an extended interview with Giorgio Moroder taken from the original session recordings for the song, “Giorgio by Moroder”; two sets of robot helmet design schematics; and yes, much more.

The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set

Vinyl, the Jason Voorhees of music formats, is getting is getting a massive injection of life-juice next month as the Beatles original studio album remasters, previously released on CD and iTunes, will make their LP debuts in the Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set ($400). The Fab Four’s 12 original U.K. studio albums, as well as the U.S. version of “Magical Mystery Tour,” and “Past Masters, Volumes One & Two” will be included. This marks the first time the Beatles’ first four albums – “Please Please Me,” “With the Beatles,” “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Beatles for Sale” – will see a North American release in stereo on vinyl. A 252-page hardcover book also is yours to enjoy.

Marvel’s ‘Phase One’ Box Set

Marvel fans have been gleefully riding a pink bubbly wave of orgasmic joy over the last decade with all the nifty comic book flicks hitting their eyeballs. Now they can corral a bunch of them in one handsome collector’s package. The Phase One Ten-disc Limited Edition Six-Movie Collector’s Blu-ray Set ($140) gets you Blu-ray 3D and Blu-ray presentations of The Avengers; Captain America: The First Avenger, and Thor, along with Blu-ray versions of Iron Man; Iron Man 2, and The Incredible Hulk in exclusive collectible packaging (Nick Fury’s badass briefcase). If this doesn’t get your salty juices flowing, then, my friend, we may need to revoke that geek card of yours.

The Walking Dead: The Complete Second Season Limited Edition

Your mom probably doesn’t watch The Walking Dead, but when you give her the Walking Dead Complete Second Season Box Set ($40), she’ll surely be hooked. From the moment she sees the zombie head with a screwdriver plunged into its eye socket, her exuberant curiosity will take over the room. “Oooooh, I love it! This is gorgeous! I can put this on top of the china cabinet!” she’ll undoubtedly exclaim. And then you’d better make other plans for the 4th of July, because the traditional family BBQ will be scrapped as mom burrows deep in the family room to immerse herself in the zombie apocalypse. You have a cool mom.

Christopher Nolan Director’s Collection

The Christopher Nolan Director’ s Collection ($34.99 pre-order) manifests from the darkness to dispense a moderate amount of vigilante justice to your eyeballs. Released in sync with The Dark Knight Rises, the collection contains Nolan’s two Batman reimaginings. In addition, the collection contains three of his better-known films: Memento, Insomnia, and Inception, all of which incorporate Nolan’s signature dark tone and polished grittiness (oxymorons for the win). The collection also includes a 40 page photo book: a collection within a collection, so to speak. See where we went with that? Colleception! Or perhaps Colleption? I don’t know, leave me alone!

Smallville: The Complete Series on DVD

For 10 glorious seasons, Smallville gave us the chance to watch the teenage years of Clark Kent before he became the Man of Steel. Now, you can relive those times with Smallville: The Complete Series, a 62 disc box set capturing all 218 episodes in this series, including 5 hours of never-before-seen special features, such as behind-the-scenes interviews and the 2010 final Comic Con panel. Gotta have this if Smallville was appointment viewing for you during high school or college. Available here for $200. And for a more exploratory read on Smallville, check out Zaki Hasan’s essay on HuffPo.