Hard Graft Heritage Camera Collection: Stay Classy, Cameraman

So you’re gonna snag yourself a fancy new camera on Black Friday and — what the? — store it in a cheap case from a big box retailer? Nuh uh. If you’re gonna tote around a quality shooter, you need your accessories to match your camera’s elegance. The Hard Graft Heritage Camera Collection features a bag, strap, and handle, all in luscious brown leather. In fact the bag ($481) is constructed out of a single piece of leather and wool felt; it’s lightweight luxury. That bag from Target? It’s just lightweight.

Paparazzi Camera Bulb for iPhone

It’s not enough to just be blessed with a keen sense of when and where a Lindsay Lohan nipple will make an appearance; if you’re gonna hawk celebrity photos, you’re also gonna need proper lighting. Paparazzo is an old school-looking iPhone camera bulb that runs on its own batteries, giving you an adjustable 300 lumens of illumination (the iPhone offers just 10). The accessory also provides running light for your video handiwork, because let’s face it, sometimes that nipple hangs out there for like 15 minutes and stuff.

Gerber Steady Tool

The days of “roughing it” in the wilderness with nothing but you and some friends and your ingenuity seem to be gone forever. These days, if you’re gonna go camping, someone better have some tech. The Gerber Steady ($64) tool gives everything you need to gut that wildebeest and film it on your smartphone as the tool’s built-in camera mount gives you a place to perch your device, while the two foldable legs turn it into a tripod. Factor in the typical pocket tool assets like a fine edge blade, three screwdrivers, bottle opener, and wire cutters, and you’re ready for any adventure–and the filming of it.