Stackable, Edible Chocolate LEGOs

The Japanese came up with another winning idea. This time, artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi combined LEGOs and chocolate and made a deliciously edible LEGOs set. Each piece comes in white, dark, pink and milk chocolate. Stack them up like normal LEGOs. Make a LEGO burrito and then eat. The possibilities are endless.

Edible Chocolate Candy Gears: Eat The Machine

There are some guys who loved PE, some who loved recess, and some who actually found Algebra to be compelling. But all of us had a soft spot for shop class. Even if you weren’t a wiz with the table saw, there was still a certain thrill in seeing how many fingers Mr. Jensen would be bringing back each September. Celebrate all things machinery with these Edible Chocolate Candy Gears ($42.50). The uncanny resemblances to the real things are made all the more impressive when you learn that the candy is made with fair trade organic chocolate, certified organic flavorings, and organic starches. Hey, maybe you can even swing by the old school and give some to Mr. Jensen. He’ll probably give you a high three when he sees you.

Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case

Here’s the bad news about this iPhone 4 case: It doesn’t taste like chocolate. The good news? It totally smells like chocolate! It even says chocolate many times on the back of it just to remind you that, yes, the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case ($14.99) emits a cocoa-like aroma! So you’ve got phone protection and a whiff of chocolate every time you wave your phone to and fro. It certainly beats Scotch taping a Kit Kat to your cell (tried it).

Choc Creator: 3D Chocolate Printer

It’s quite likely that chocolate in the shape of say, a Jai alai cesta tastes much better than in standard rectangular form, but how can we be sure? Here’s how: a chocolate printer. Expected to fetch about $4,000 on eBay, this device comes courtesy some UK scientists who realized that if you’re gonna pay $60 for an ink cartridge, it might as well be a dessert option.

Chocolate Skulls From Human Molds

Chocolate bunnies are out. Today’s toddlers expect much more from you at Easter. Don’t disappoint them again this year–give your child a human skull chocolate mold. Once the trembling wears off, he/she will surely appreciate the fine attention to detail that goes into each Chocolate Skull ($200) by Marina Malvada. As they get older, any leftover trauma scars will surely turn to gratitude for giving them an early biology lesson in the form of delicious Belgium white and milk chocolates. Of course you could always give this skull to an adult, but we like to think of the children first around here. That’s just who we are.

Tabasco Spicy Chocolate

The only thing worse than eating all those Valentine’s Day chocolates each year is the amount of hot sauce you go through with them–am I right? Well, consider that problem solved. Tabasco Spicy Chocolate lets you take your hand off the bottle for once and enjoy rich milk chocolate the way it was meant to be: with red peppers, salt and vinegar. Tell Whitman’s to step off this year, and drop $8 on a gift that your girlfriend will surely, uhh, have an opinion on.

Askinosie Chocolate

What do you get when a former defense attorney decides to change career paths? Why, a chocolatier, of course. According to the Missouri chocolatier, Askinosie Chocolate, second best just won’t do. Askinosie was the first small-batch, 100% traceable bean-to-bar boutique chocolatier in the US to import cocoa beans from the Philippines. They were the first small-batch chocolate factory to press their own cocoa butter. And they’re setting the standard for sourcing their cocoa beans directly from small farmers, paying them above Fair Trade prices while sharing 10% net profits. But most importantly, Askinosie chocolate is actually really good. Yeah for chocoholics, PMS’ing women, and caffeine addicts everywhere! Their sinfully decadent dark chocolate has an intense creamy coffee taste while their dark milk and fleur de sel bars are just as smooth, savory, and scrumptious. These tiny bites of heaven make perfect gifts as well, because the packaging is almost as impressive as the chocolate itself.

SeriousMilk Chocolate By TCHO

Satisfy your sweet tooth and your conscience with SeriousMilk chocolate by TCHO. TCHO, a socially conscience chocolate manufacturer, has scoured Ecuador and Peru for the best cacao beans. You need milk for milk chocolate, and genetics and terroir impacts milk’s flavor. To produce the highest quality of chocolate, TCHO found locally raised cows, free to graze year round in open pastures untouched by harmful, synthetic chemicals.

SeriousMilk comes in two flavors: cacao and classic. With cacao, you get a flavor in between dark and milk chocolate with “subtle cream and warm caramel notes”. Choose classic for a smooth, creamy chocolate with “hints of butterscotch, honey and vanilla”. Sample packs are available for $11 here.