Vestax Spin2 DJ Controller For Mac & iOS

Digital DJ controllers have been trending up pretty hard over the last five years, but Apple hasn’t given their full blessing to any of them. But now, like Don Corleone sitting behind his desk, looking down on each groveling visitor to his marinara-stained office, Apple has nodded its head. And that nod goes in the direction of the Vestax Spin2 DJ Controller ($399), the first controller fully certified by Apple. Of course it lets you play, mix, and scratch your music with jog wheels, touch strips, and an array of buttons, but it’s the Algoriddim software and compatibility with Apple’s OSX and iOS operating systems that has iPhone and iPad users excited. It’s also the first controller to offer true dual stereo outputs for iOS6 devices. It should be great for parties, like on your daughter’s wedding day!

Philips DJ-Dock

It’s hard to believe, but turntable DJs – once the epitome of cutting edge cool – are now settling into that “grumpy old fogey” category. Technology like the Philips FWP3200D DJ-Dock has many of them whining about “kids these days” and whatnot. Just plug a pair of iPhones into the twin decks and you’ll be mixing (but not scratching) like a pro–a pro who spent 20 years and $14,000 to hone his craft. Damn, maybe he has a right to be cranky.

Pioneer HDJ-1500 Professional DJ Headphones

The something to hold while spinning a turntable? Pioneer’s HDJ-1500 ($209) could be that thing, if you’d give it a friggin’ chance for once. Pioneer’s new DJ Headphones are for pros, and to be clear I don’t mean prostitutes. Prostitutes are more than welcome to buy them; Pioneer is not prejudiced. Modern courtesans would especially appreciate the sound balance that the HDJ-1500 provides, and the stylish soundproof ear chamber. For the tech-savvy hookers, frequency ranges from 5 Hertz to 30,000 Hz, 32 ohm impedance, and other jargon. Not that I would know anything about prostitutes, who’s asking?  But seriously, prostitution is a victimless crime.

Pioneer RMX1000 Remix Station

Using the RMX1000 Remix Station, you have the power to ostensibly cry out “THIS IS THE REMIX” with virtually every song ever. The RMX 1000 is comprised of input and output RCA and quarter-inch plugs, a USB port, and a plethora of knobs and flashing buttons. Think of it as a “My First Music Mixer”. Make an entire song of out of drops to confuse and frighten all the dubstep fans using the Remixbox software. The included SD card makes your sickest mixes portable, and the four canned effects settings ensures your beats always come out smelling fresh.

Vesta Turntable

Whether the party calls for a scratch battle or just some tunes mixed together, look to do both with Vesta’s new PDF-3000Mix. Vestax lovers now get the S-arm, made of high quality aluminium and bearings. The new torque simulator lets DJs finely tune the pitch for mixing, or keep it steady for those intense DJ battles. There’s also a MIDI connection that lets connected devices control, all together now, the pitch.

If you’re a non-DJ, bring this to family gatherings and add some background effects to all those zany moments. “What? You’re pregnant??” (Record scratch).

Limited White Edition Pioneer CDJ-2000 & DJM-900Nexus

While the term “Disc Jockey” seems likely to pop up in the “Ancient Things for 100, Alex” category, DJ equipment is sitting on tech’s cutting edge these days. For example, the Limited Edition Pioneer CDJ-2000 media player and DJM-900nexus mixer are “limited” due to the pretty pearl white color, but your music-making options are anything but limited with these on the table. The CDJ-2000 ($2150) features playback from CD, DVD, USB storage devices (flash and hard drives) and SD cards; 6.1-inch full-color LCD display; and Pioneer’s PRO DJ LINK, enabling multiple digital players to be connected for sharing music files stored on a single USB device and SD card. Starting in February, just 1,000 units of the CDJ-2000 and 500 units of the DJM-900nexus will be produced. Each mixer and player will come with a distinctive plaque engraved with the serial number to indicate its authenticity.

Check out model/dj, Miss Nine, rockin’ the limited edition gear in the video after the jump.

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Numark NS6 Digital DJ Controller and Mixer

Try as you might, there’s just no stopping the digital revolution. Sure, old school DJs cutting up vinyl will always reign supreme, but can anyone resent the future when it looks like this? Say what’s up to Numark’s NS6, the company’s newest digital DJ controller. This slick-looking piece of hardware is a ferocious 4-channel mixer with Serato Itch 4-deck DJ software built-in; that means all you need is a laptop with tunes and some speakers, and you’re ready to rock the party harder than DJ Qualls. OK, so DJ Qualls isn’t really a DJ, he’s that skinny actor from Road Trip, but no one will care about that misguided reference when you show up with this 14-pound piece of music-mashing metal. It’s going for about $1K.