This Headset Reads Your Dog’s Thoughts

A group of Scandinavians currently have designs on creating the first device to translate animal thoughts into human language. The Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery call this “non-obtrusive device” No More Woof. Assuming this isn’t a joke, the unit works by taking EEG recorders in the headset and registering voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current flow in the dog’s brain. A Rapsberry Pi computer then translates these currents into human words. Put this on your dog, take it to the dog park and Fluffy’s first words might be: “You’re not really gonna do this to me, are you?”

Tagg Pet Tracker

It’s hard enough keeping tabs on everyone in your life, but with the Tagg Pet Tracker, keeping tabs on your pet is one less thing to worry about. The Tagg Pet Tracker monitors your pet’s location by using an innovative combined GPS, wireless technology. If Guinness ventures away from the designated “Tagg Zone,” this tracker will alert you with an email or text. The Tagg operates on Verizon’s networks, so you can feel confident your little Maximus is covered. Pet lovers know you can’t put a price on your pet’s safety, so keep Butch safe and sound, all for just $200.