Le Whaf Carafe

Get a whiff of Le Whaf ($150), the latest trippy invention out of France. While the digital storage cloud is all the rage these days, inventors Marc Bretillot and David Edwards have brought us a different type of cloud–one you can sip. When a specially made drink like liquid lemon tart is poured into the carafe, the next step is pouring that cloud of flavor into your glass and enjoying it via a specially designed straw. This is not that straw.

Giant Socket Drink Holder

Despite the controversial plot involving Rick Moranis as a suicidal Al Qaeda operative and Emmanuel Lewis as his target, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid turned out to be a pretty lighthearted cinematic romp. Had Hollywood had a clue, they’d have been churning out yearly sequels since 1992, and we’d have Honey, I Drastically Increased the Size of This Steel Socket in theaters today duking it out with The Avengers for the tops o’ the box office heap. Alas, there’s no movie, but we do have the Giant Steel Socket drink holder ($14.99), which Mr. Moranis has personally not endorsed.

7 Cool Things That Can (Possibly) Double as Girl Gifts for Valentine’s Day

So you couldn’t pull the trigger on that planned breakup with your girl during Madonna’s halftime horror show. Bummer, dude. Now you’re on the hook for another February 14th full of coerced commercialism. Yeah, that little scamp Cupid is back, and he’s got his arrow cocked at your dome, just daring you to show up empty handed. Well, have no less fear. So Freaking Cool is here with a nifty list of gifts that beat the Stove Top out of flowers and candy. Sure, they’re manly items, but if you spin it just right, when she tears off the wrapping, you’ll have her believing you’re in this relationship for the long haul–until that hot Wendy’s cashier finally gives you some play.

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The BULLET Cocktail Shaker

Women get their doors opened for them and their chairs pulled out for them, but enough is enough: The male revolution starts right here and now! First order of business: We need our own bullet. The BULLET Cocktail Shaker ($20-$25) will do the trick, with its swank art deco design and gleaming stainless steel. This bullet brings a much more sophisticated pleasure to the man who owns it. It’s the perfect shaker to concoct your martinis or margaritas in. Pleasure yourself with a 28 or 18-ounce size, and hey, be proud of the symbol of manhood, which is, what, a circle with an arrow thingy on it? Yeah, that!


uFlavor is interactive marketing at its best. Its the world’s first user-generated refreshment company, letting consumers choose what goes on and in the bottles. Kind of a scary thought but truly brilliant. uFlavor has just launched flavored waters, energy drinks, sodas, and teas, all created in uFlavor vending machines by those who need to express themselves in the most creative of ways. With names like Foundry Group Mad Men Juice, Penis Breath, and Chuck Norris Face Kick, how can you NOT try this product out for yourself. You can control the color, the flavor, and even the caffeine content. As an added bonus, whenever someone buys your flavor, you get a cut of the profits. It’ll be interesting to see how the soft drink staples hold up against The Uprising, The Revolt, and The Takeover, which are uFlavor’s 3 launch stages, all sharing one common goal – to make uFlavor the #1 beverage choice of consumers everywhere. This is sure to be one entertaining refreshment revolution.

Blowfish Hangover Pill: Approved by FDA

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and this little lifesaver is undoubtedly going to fly off the shelves, especially now that everyone knows its FDA approved. Go figure. Blowfish is an effervescent wonder to be taken by hangover sufferers the morning after. The winning combo of caffeine and a super strength pain reliever will alleviate the oh so fun pain and exhaustion we feel after excessive consumption. Blowfish is actually offering free samples on their website, so they must be feeling pretty confident. If you want to stock up for the holidays and then some, you can get a 12 tablet box of Blowfish for $11.99 or a 50 tablet box for $49.99. Just a word of advice. If you plan to buy the 50 tablet box, you might want to consider rehab. Oh, and when you’re all banged up this New Year’s stealing cop cars, marrying strippers, kidnapping celeb pets, and leaving your buddy on the hotel roof, remember that Blowfish only helps to cure your hangover. It won’t stop you from acting like a jagaloon while under the influence.

J.Crew Leather Drinks Flask

This is no ordinary flask. The J.Crew Leather Drinks Flask is for the sophisticated man, a man with refined tastes, a man who wants to look good while drinking on the go. I never thought I’d refer to a holder of booze as elegant, but this sleek flask is just that. It can hold 240ml of your favorite adult beverage, so the man behind the flask can indulge in his drink of choice for more than a few delightful sips. The J.Crew Leather Flask has a smooth leather exterior, stainless steel body, and it’s curvy in all the right places for a comfortable and effortless fit. Am I talking about a car here or a flask? For $43, this flask is well worth it to be able to drink in style.

Coca-Cola Cans Go Polar Bear White

As part of a fundraising campaign to protect polar bears, Coca-Cola has turned albino, making this their most drastic change ever for charity. Wanna donate? Just buy a white can, text the package code to 357357, and $1 will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. Coca-Cola plans to produce over 1.4 billion white cans, which will be on shelves in the next week. Other Coca-Cola products like Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Nestea and Minute Maid will also feature white caps in honor of this campaign. But don’t worry, the original red Coke you fell in love with as a kid (and still crave after a night of one too many…or is that just me?) will be back on shelves when the campaign is over.