Kaufmann Mercantile Handmade Ceramic Growler: Have Beer, Will Travel Or Whatever

This Handmade Ceramic Growler ($63) from Kaufmann Mercantile is the kinda beer holder that’s worthy of your favorite adult beverage. Very classy. Capable of holding 32 ounces of refreshment, the wide mouth ceramic flip top features a rubber gasket to seal in the oh-so-vital carbonation. The thick cast protects the beer from the elements, and each growler is glazed, fired and inspected for quality in Portland, Oregon. We imagine if the growler could speak, it’d say something like “No Mich Ultra, please.”

The TapIt Cap: Bring Your Best Beer

Is it a coincidence we’re seeing all these new beer-saving products around St. Patrick’s Day? Eh, maybe. But regardless, it’s still nice to see America’s brightest minds focusing on the big issues. The TapIt Cap turns your growler into a mini-keg, injecting CO2 into your brew to keep it carbonated, crisp, and oxygen-free. Yes, curing cancer would be a much more important development, but while we wait for that glorious day to arrive, let’s at least not suffer through stale beer.

Drink Tank Growler: Because Cold Beer Saves Lives

Studies show lukewarm beer spoils a man’s attitude faster than 17 seconds of watching Bravo. Avoid the inevitable pain and yes, deaths, that can result from warm suds with the Drink Tank Growler ($35), a new product designed to keep your beer cold for up to 24 hours. The vacuum insulated seal is the MVP here, keeping any beverage chillier than Chilly Willy and the outside of the growler condensation free. The  Keg Cap Tap accessory turns the container into a mini keg, and as we all know mini keg = major fun.

Hydro Flask Growler: Vacuum Insulated Growler

Straws are dainty. You’re not dainty. Reinforce that fact with the anti-straw: the 64 oz Hydro Flask Growler ($50). Seriously, the mouth on this thing is wider than Steven Tyler’s. Plus it’s cast from double wall, vacuum-insulated, food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, so it’s resistant to bacteria and odors–perfect for storing a large quantity of an aromatic beverage in. The insulation technology means your spiked hot cider stays hot and your, uh, cold spiked cider stays cold. Ain’t nuttin’ dainty about hot or cold spiked cider, my friend. Especially with a gargantuan gulp out of this growler.