Hard Graft Ocean Collection: That Means Stuff in Blue Now

Hard Graft has a great line for luggage and camera bags. High quality and amazing designs. They have a new collection, the Hard Graft Ocean Collection. It’s introducing the deep navy hue color to their products and they’ll add it to their existing line of straps, cases and other assorted offerings.

Hard Graft Heritage Camera Collection: Stay Classy, Cameraman

So you’re gonna snag yourself a fancy new camera on Black Friday and — what the? —┬ástore it in a cheap case from a big box retailer? Nuh uh. If you’re gonna tote around a quality shooter, you need your accessories to match your camera’s elegance. The┬áHard Graft Heritage Camera Collection features a bag, strap, and handle, all in luscious brown leather. In fact the bag ($481) is constructed out of a single piece of leather and wool felt; it’s lightweight luxury. That bag from Target? It’s just lightweight.