SwatchMate Cube: Color Match Any Surface

“Is that bedroom wall magenta or mauve?” Frankly, this is the type of question many straight men have difficulty answering.  But the SwatchMate Cube promises to answer it for you. Place the Cube onto a surface and it instantly captures and identifies the color in question, displaying it on your paired smartphone–no calibration needed. And that certainly beats, like, calling up Tim Gunn every time you need to know a color.

Eclipse TD508 Mk3 Speakers

Speakers, like a quality girlfriend, need to both look good and faithfully reproduce the dynamic acoustics of your MP3 collection. While the search for that devastating combo continues on the lady front, the  Eclipse TD508 Mk3 speakers can take care of your sonic needs. The proprietary “Time Domain” technology means you’re surrounded in a live performance-like sea of sound each time. And besides that, these things just nice and George Lucasy. No not Star Wars, I was thinking THX 1138.

Hotech Design Radiators

Everyone wants to be sexy these days it seems, and for indisputable proof of that theory, look no further than these radiators from Hotech. The Italian company has a line of radiators that dazzle with their style and innovation–two words that, as far as we know, have never been uttered in connection with this industry. We greatly look forward to Hotech’s future spins on other mundane furnishings, including doilies, fake fruit, and soap dishes.