Polaroid Socialmatic: Great for Party Pics

It’s amazing how quickly technology becomes obsolete. Point-and-shoot cameras were prevalent five years ago. Now, production falls 50% per year. No one can deny smartphones are the de facto camera these days. Polaroid, though, won’t go down without a fight.

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They’ve introduced the Polaroid Socialmatic ($299), an Android camera with built-in printer. Pictures can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest through its on-board wifi. The built-in printer lets users print little 2×3 photos. What’s a bit odd is that the photos have a QR code in the front corner. Users can scan the code, retrieve the digital print online and reprint it.

The Socialmatic can be a fun party toy though widespread adoption, obviously, appears unlikely.  Nevertheless, it has its place. Just like the History Channel has its place. Someone’s watching that channel.

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Printstagram Calendar

Ahhh, the good old days of the little flip calendar with all the mysteries of what may be revealed tomorrow when you tear off a page. Where have those days gone? These days, the office desk is likely to be covered with all manner of things that can be punched, squeezed and chewed. What about those who just want the simple pleasure of tearing off the top page of a calendar to reveal the surprise that lay underneath? Well, worry no longer folks because the flip calendar is heading straight back into office desk fashion (probably). Pick out 365 Instagram photos and the Prinstagram Calendar ($40) will reveal a new exciting picture for you each day. Unlike the flip calendars of old where yesterday’s motivational quote turns into today’s rolled-up ball for a little office basketball practice, these premium pictures can be used to decorate the office wall or as a gift to a friend.

Woodsnap: Photos Printed on Wood

Family portraits often require short intervals of exceptional acting skill from its subjects in order to properly feign affection to the nearest family member. Some members of the family have other preoccupations, like having to pretend they are NOT murderers. Well now you can show everyone how good you are at pretending in a unique way, by getting your family portraits (or any other type of photograph) printed through WoodSnap (starts at $40). The WoodSnap company prints your photographs directly onto a wood canvas, so that the grain of the wood gives some integrity to an otherwise fraudulent picture. No word yet on whether they accept mug shots.


Don’t tell grandma, but that digital picture frame you got her last year just got kicked to the pile of NLCP (No Longer Cool Products). Taking its place is Instacube ($149), an Instagram-specific display that streams various photo feeds and gives you control over what you see. Wanna peep a continuous show of beautiful belly button pics? Type in #navels. With a touch-screen display, Wi-Fi, 4GB of flash memory, and a rechargeable battery, the Instacube means your grandma’s gonna be piiiiiissssed. Better check your meatloaf for razor blades.

Polaroid Z2300 Instant Digital Camera

Don’t write off physical photos just yet. Write off milkmen, sure, but not physical photos. The Polaroid Z2300 ($159.99) is a digital camera that features a tiny little built-in printer, letting you load the film behind the display and enjoy prints just 30 seconds after you snap the shot. This 10-megapixel shooter also captures 720p video and comes with 32MB of internal memory. You should definitely use the camera to take a picture of a milkman if you see one.

Instagram for Android

Instagram is that thing that does the stuff, and has recently been released for Android camera phones (NOT TABLETS). Now it falls into the hands of Android users the world over to wield Instagram, be it for benign or sinister purpose. Instagram contains two morality paths, Paragon and Hipster. Will you use this app to enhance the colors of your photos, adding a vibrant richness to make your photo spectacular [Paragon]? Or will you spit in the face of technological advance by inexplicably adding grainy bullshit [Hipster/Pure Evil]? This choice will haunt you for the rest of your (Facebook) timeline, so choose wisely. Available now!