Jawbone UP24: Today I Will Get Off My Ass

The Jawbone Up24 ($149) is a fitness-tracking wristband with a bit of a ‘tude. Wearing one and using its new wireless syncing feature (using low-energy Bluetooth) will get you plenty of real-time data about your road to anti-chubbiness, with a healthy dash of sass along the way. The Up app will suggest you get to bed earlier or walk more steps throughout the day with plenty of “Today I Will” messages on your phone. If you’re the type that needs a little push to get going, this could work out nicely for you. If you deeply resent all types of authority figures — even ones with artificial intelligence — then definitely invest in a sturdy phone case.

Jawbone JAMBOX: Now Bigger, Heavier and Jammier

As The Band once sang, “Oh jawbone, revenge stays on your mind” (R.I.P. Levon Helm). What this has to do with the Jawbone Big JAMBOX ($299), I haven’t the slightest. Maybe your parents were murdered by a boombox wielding maniac and you seek vengeance. I don’t know. With the 2.7 pound JAMBOX you can blast The Band (or Lady Gaga, we don’t judge) for up to 15 hours on the battery. This ghetto blaster remembers up to eight devices at a time for remote playback and includes LiveAudio, which pipes your music at different layered sound depths.  And to think of all the money you wasted on weed to get that effect.

Panasonic SC-MC07 Bluetooth Speaker

You often find yourself telling the ladies that big surprises come in small packages, and this time, ya know, you’re actually right. Panasonic’s SC-MC07 ($69.99) compact wireless stereo speaker pumps a surprising amount of oomph from its Chipwichian shape, streaming music wirelessly from smartphones and all Bluetooth-enabled devices. The power comes from AA batteries, or better yet, use the included USB cable. Your woman might need the batteries later.

Spar Zephyr Portable Wireless Speaker

In the world of 2011 mobile tech, there’s very little room for one trick ponies. That’s why Spar’s line of Zephyr wireless speakers have snatched our attention. These Bluetooth, high-definition speakers double as mobile phone chargers, so you’re actually getting a portable speaker/speakerphone/recharger combination. Is that enough for you? Starting at $99, the Zephyr 300 is pocket-sized, and packs approximately 12 hours of playtime.  The sleek Zephyr 500 gets you 18 hours of wire-free operation, with the top-of-the-line 550 model coming encased in aircraft grade anodized aluminum (well, obviously) and providing 28 hours of battery life. That’s like, more than a day, I’m pretty sure. All models come with a soft carry bag, an assortment of cables, and an AC charging adapter.

Jawbone Up

A bizarre yet brilliant little gadget, the new Up from the company Jawbone (known for Bluetooth headsets) is a vibrant wristband (available in 7 colors) that can track your eating, sleeping, and exercise habits. The band is equipped with sensors that can track your workout distance, pace, calories burned and time, and it’s water resistant for those with active sweat glands. Need to track your sleeping habits? The Up can detect your sleep stages, the amount of hours you sleep, and how long it took you to doze off. It can even wake you up with a vibrating motor. Now we’re talkin’!

Once you and your Up have done the research, you can actually upload the data and do with it what you wish. Share it with your doctor, your shrink or compare notes with friends. This smart little guy isn’t for everyone, but it may be worth buying just to satisfy your curiosity. I mean, who doesn’t want to know what they do in their sleep? Retails for $99 and available here.