Winner Announced for the Lacie CooKey Contest

After verifying each submission to our Lacie Cookey USB Drive contest, the results are in. And the winner is…Sharold Frierich (@samf36). C’mon down and get ready to save all your evidence, err data, on this silver beauty. We’ll be contacting you by e-mail for your details.

Thanks to all the entrants. Keep your eyes glued for more great products and contests. Above all, we appreciate all those who follow our site.

Last week for the LaCie CooKey Contest

Only 1 week left to enter our LaCie 8GB CooKey contest. This is something you won’t mind carrying around. Its cool, silver exterior hides killer encryption software that shields evidence of last Friday night’s debauchery from prying eyes. Trust me, it’s hard to live down photos of yourself with underwear on your head, running naked through campus.

Entering our contest is easy. Just follow the rules here. And if you like our site, we’d appreciate a repost or retweet of the same link.

Thanks for reading and we’ll be doing our best to bring you more great humor and cool products.

LaCie CloudBox

You’ve probably been hearing about this thing called “the cloud” and how you should backup your important files to it. But how does one throw their digital lives into the sky and what if it’s a clear day? Well, thanks to the LaCie CloudBox, you don’t have to act like a fool asking your 14-year-old nephew these questions.

Designed to make online backups easier for the everyman, LaCie’s CloudBox allows you to load your important files onto the box which will then be automatically backed up to the cloud daily. Never lose that embarrassing photo you plan to blackmail your friend with again even in the event of theft, fire or physical damage. You can even check your data online. The added AES encryption helps makes sure no one else gets their grubby little hands on your files.

Every purchase of a CloudBox includes a 1-year, 100GB easily renewable subscription to cloud storage.

The cloud. It’s not just that thing above your head. Own a LaCie CloudBox today.