Goldee Light Controller: New For Your Hue

If you own any Philips Hue LED bulbs, take notice of this Nest-ish looking smart light switch from Goldee ($249). It can work with any type of bulb, but with the Hue and similar systems is really where it shines. Thanks to internal sensors, this thing can your automatically turn off your lights off when you get into bed, turn them back on when you get up because you forgot to brush your teeth (tsk tsk), and provide a host of lighting effects for you to adjust your moods to. Maybe one of those shades will remind you to floss?

Cleo Floor Light: Another Reason To Love Lamp

We all had a good laugh when Brick Tamland said he loved lamp in Anchorman, but maybe he was onto something. The Cleo Floor Light from Martinelli Luce is clearly worthy of love, what with its brazen styling; it’s basically an aluminum tower that dares the dark to do its thing. A 400-watt bulb shines a bold square of light on your space, so maybe a vacuuming might be in order before a purchase.

SOCCKET: From Futbol To Footfuel

If you thought the Hot Pocket was a great invention, wait till you see the SOCCKET ($89). Not only does it kinda rhyme with Hot Pocket but it’s also a soccer ball that generates energy as you play with it. Yes! There’s a small pendulum inside each ball that harnesses the energy by turning a generator (this guide will be helpful) connected to a rechargeable battery. Play with the ball for 30 minutes and you’ll have enough power to fuel three hours of light. Plus each SOCCKET comes with an LED lamp and the ball never needs to be inflated. Of course there is that new limited edition chili sauce cheese dog Hot Pocket. Hmmm… tough call.

Lumio Lamp: You Gotta Know When To Fold Your Lamp

Kenny Rogers knew when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em, but that was with cards. With lamps, don’t trust Kenny; trust the people behind Lumio, one of the sexier lighting devices we’ve seen in awhile. Not only does it neatly fold into a compact and lightweight book, it’s also cordless and ready to shine eight hours on a single charge. Built-in magnets let you get creative and convenient with placement. Just like Kenny’s plastic surgeon has gotten creative with his face.

Ube Wifi Controlled Light Dimmer: Dedicated To Donna Summer

When Donna Summer (RIP) sang “Dim All The Lights” in 1979, she had to make the song 4 minutes and 40 seconds long to give people enough time to go room to room to get all the switches. But now in 2013, the Ube Wifi Controlled Light Dimmer ($49-$69) makes the process easy. The smart dimmer connects easily to your home Wi-Fi router and lets you control your lights from your smartphone. Whether you’re in the bedroom or a seedy club on the wrong side of town, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection, you have light controls.

Motion Lamp: Flexible Lighting

We all love lamp, but some lamps are more lovable than others. The Motion Lamp is quite lovable, being a low-energy, lightweight OLED fixture that can be twisted and contorted into more shapes than the US gymnastics team. The actual light that comes out of this thing is also quite enticing. It’s the kinda light that might make you even love carpet, too. Or desk.

The Hozuki: Camping Lantern by Snow Peak

The lure of technology can tempt even the most dedicated campers to bend the rules of the wilderness. Take the Hozuki Lantern by Snow Peak ($89.95), for instance. Instead of spending all night rubbing sticks and stones together, this LED lantern gets you three shades of light in a jiffy. It charges up via USB, lasts up to 40 hours on its dimmest setting, and even imitates the flicker of a candle as it responds to wind. Ya know, I actually do a candle flicker imitation myself. Kinda looks like this, only sexier.

Knog Blinder Bike Light

Why buy a car when you can fix up your bike to be the perfect surrogate? The rechargeable Knog Blinder Bike Light simulates head and rear lights at 80 and 44 lumens, respectively. Riding around at night in a traffic dense area might make you feel like Bicycle Batman, but for safety’s sake attach the Knog Blinders to avoid any awesomely fatal collisions. Unfortunately, the Knog Blinders might give your bicycle identity issues. If your bike undergoes a deep, unrelenting existential crisis, immediately take the following measures. First: remember that it’s a bicycle and stop giving it human qualities. That’s the only measure.

[Image: Knog]