BMW 30 Jahre M5

When you turn 30, are they going to release limited versions of yourself onto this world? Not unless cloning becomes widespread really, really fast. If you’re BMW though, you release the BMW 30 Jahre M5, a celebration of 30 years of the M5. Buyers get 600 hp and 0-62 in 3.9 seconds. It also features Frozen Dark silver metallic paint, 20-inch bi-color M light-alloy wheels and comprehensive tuning packages (available via companies like Bimmer Performance Center).

BMW will only produce 300 worldwide and 30 of those will make it to the United States. They go onsale May 21st at 1pm EST, so if you really want to get your hands on one, better save the phone number to BMW Customer Relations right now. Prices start at $138,275, about $40k more than standard M5s. The price you pay for turning 30.

Satisfy Your Burger Cravings with This

If you ever wanted your home to smell like a burger joint, today’s your lucky day. White Castle has just released this limited-edition Original Slider-scented candle ($15).  It comes in a ceramic replica of the signature White Castle Slider box. All proceeds go to Autism Speaks, the largest autism research and advocacy organization, so buy two. If burgers aren’t your thing though, try this fried chicken candle.

Bushmills Whiskey X Grado Headphones

High-end headphones maker Grado recently collaborated with whiskey producer, Bushmills, for these limited edition Bushmills Whiskey x Grado Headphones ($395). Actor Elijah Wood and his buddy Zach Cowie (who deejay as Wooden Wisdom..yea, never heard of the group either) worked with Bushmills in the past, and sought out a partner to do a collab on headphones. In comes Grado. Before you think ‘vanity project’, everyone put some real thought into getting this partnership just right. Each handcrafted pair features Irish oak and leather, a choice made for leather’s natural ability for durability and the unique character it gets over time.  Watch a behind-the-scenes with Elijah Wood below and get a pair exclusively at Turntable Lab.

Limited Edition Sam Adams Utopias Cigars

Lots of people say they feel the need to smoke when they drink, but in this high-speed society, sometimes there’s only room for one. For the cigar smoker and beer lover, these limited edition Sam Adams Utopias are a wicked 1-2 punch. The 650 Cigar is actually seasoned with the 28% ABV brew, conveying some of the hallmark flavors of Sam Adams as you inhale instead of gulp. A perfect accessory for sitting around the Thanksgiving table and pontificating about the local sports team.

The Walking Dead Season 3 Limited Edition Set: Heads Up

Word on the street (fine, the Internet) is that this season of The Walking Dead has been pretty solid. Of course it ain’t over yet, but we wanted to give you a heads up about this gruesome Season 3 Limited Edition Set ($TBA) before it comes out. Inspired by a certain ‘aquarium’ on the show, these heads can actually be filled with water and lit up when mom comes over for meatloaf. Is it sicker than this Season 2 horror? The only way to tell is by seeing them side by side on your shelf.

Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra Limited Edition Collection

The thing that’s extra nice about the Ray-Ban Aviator Folding Ultra Limited Edition Collection ($480) is the fact that they fold up. Don’t you wish other things would fold when you wanted them to? An unruly slice of pizza; a stubborn bed sheet; the Yankees. None of these things fold on command the way these glasses do. They also come in crystal green, blue and brown P3 Plus lenses, to go with silver, yellow and gold-plated frames.

Suntory Limited Edition Rolling Stones Whiskey

Perhaps tapping into the veins of Keith Richards, Japanese whiskey maker Suntory is releasing a limited edition Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whiskey ($6,300). Only 150 bottles of the special sauce are being created, so you might wanna act fast. The whiskey is said to have a complex aroma, rich heaviness, and  smoky aftertaste–much like the blood running through Keith’s veins.

The Dark Knight Rises Broken Cowl Limited Edition

The final chapter in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy drops December 4 on Blu-ray, and if your memories of the Caped Crusader getting his back busted aren’t too painful, you might want to Bat-buy this limited edition of The Dark Knight Rises with broken cowl packaging ($52.99). Besides the 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and 1080p video, the extra features will also include The Journey of Bruce Wayne; The Batmobile Documentary, showcasing all five Batmobiles together for the first time.