Gourmet Jello Shots

Now’s the chance to up that jello shot game. Do away with simple orange-flavored shots and replace them with these gourmet jello shots. Michelle Palm runs the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen website and wrote Jelly Shot Test Kitchen: Jell-Ing Classic Cocktails—One Drink At A Time ($12). Seventy five recipes to take shots from the frat house to the penthouse.

When you visit her website, tape a cup to your chin. It’s the best way to catch all the drool from looking at the most amazing array of liquor and gelatin mixed together. It’s jello shot porn.

They Put Cinnabon Rolls In Vodka

In two days, the worlds of breakfast and alcohol will collide as Pinnacle Vodka releases Cinnabon Vodka. That’s right, “the decadent flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar and rich cream cheese frosting with hints of caramel” get shoved into a bottle of water and ethanol. Each sip might be twice the calories, but that just means twice the fun.

Sriracha Vodka: For The Boys At The Plant!

Any day now Bruce Springsteen is gonna totally write a song about the (partial) shutdown of the Sriracha plant and the plight of its workers– “Times are hard, my future’s lookin’ dicey, Mary Jo’s wonderin’ if we’ll ever make eggs spi-cy (again)”… Better stock up now on all things Sriracha, including this UV Sriracha Vodka ($12). Infused with a zesty mix of chili peppers, garlic and Sri magic, this tonic can surely give your next Bloody Mary a real kick– and a reason for Mary Jo to forge on.

Stainless Steel Shot Glasses: Gel-Propelled

We’re not sure if the reusable freeze gel inside these Stainless Steel Shot Glasses ($50) was stolen out of Dr. Scholl’s foot insert plant, but we’re gonna pretend it was. Each hand-polished glass quickly gets your drink ice cold without the ice, and looks much better than the inside of a shoe.

Jagermeister Spice: Delivering Eggnog’s TKO This Fall

We think we may have found the alternative to eggnog as the go-to adult beverage this holiday season; ya know the one that makes whichever party you’re at suddenly bearable. Train your taste buds on Jägermeister Spice, a new limited-time offering that promises “a delightful blend of cinnamon and vanilla spices married with the legendary ingredients found in the original secret Jägermeister.” We would say “Ask for it at your next holiday gathering,” but since it’s gonna have a limited run, you’re better off just sneaking in a bottle in your trousers.

The Tarantula 100 Tequila Review

Tarantula Tequila sent us two of their newly developed 100 proof, 100% pure agave tequila to review. Haven’t heard of them? Don’t worry, we haven’t either. Browsing their site, it seems that they have a Tarantula Azul, a blue agave tequila, and a Tarantula Strawberry, another blue agave tequila mixed with, you guessed it, a strawberry liqueur giving it a little bit of flavor.

Adding to their collection are two new versions, a reposado and a plata. These are the ones we’re reviewing and the ones that are being modeled by dog. If you’re a tequila novice like me, those two words, plata and reposado, probably flew over your head like a dissertation in quantum physics. Read the rest of this entry »

Quaffer Shot Glasses: Built-In Chaser Means One Less Cup To Wash

There’s at least one guy who wouldn’t have any use for these shot glasses by Quaffer ($8 for a set of 4). His name is Shoenice and he chugs bottles of Wild Turkey, Patron, and mayonnaise. But he’s “special.” The rest of us do occasionally need a chaser for the hard stuff, and these plastic glasses are a great way to save time (and dishes). Just pour 1 1/2 oz of your shot on top, and 2 1/2 oz of your favorite chaser on the bottom, and you’re ready to wash down the worst liquids known to man.

Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon Moonshine: Now With Less Police Chases

Junior Johnson’s family made moonshine in North Carolina, and by the time he was 14, he was frequently “running shine” around the state, dodging cops with gutsy “bootleg turns” in his car. That boldness behind the wheel eventually led to a Hall of Fame NASCAR career, and now it’s all come full circle with Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon Moonshine. It’s made from American corn, hand-crafted in small batches and born in a copper still, with a taste that’s said to be smooth and clean. It’s moonshine without the police chases. We’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing though.