Hard Graft Ocean Collection: That Means Stuff in Blue Now

Hard Graft has a great line for luggage and camera bags. High quality and amazing designs. They have a new collection, the Hard Graft Ocean Collection. It’s introducing the deep navy hue color to their products and they’ll add it to their existing line of straps, cases and other assorted offerings.

Globe-Trotter Jet Leather Series: Mad Men Your Way Through The Day

While drinking like Don Draper on the job is generally frowned upon these days, there’s still one way you can Mad Menitize your daily grind. Globe-Trotter’s new Jet Leather Series harkens back to the days of yore with a collection of bags and accessories inspired by the “jet age of travel, from the 1930s to the modern day.” Even if you can’t kick back multiple highballs at your desk, you can at least smuggle in the bottle in a classy, handmade, Windsor grain leather briefcase; then, take your chances.

Globe-Trotter x MR PORTER 2013 Capsule Collection: Airport Sophistication

Even if you only own one suit (and um, OK, it’s actually for cosplay), you can still fool all the pretty girls at the airport if you pack your Underoos inside a bag from the Globe-Trotter x MR PORTER 2013 Capsule Collection. The company’s reputation for classy luggage (which nowdays comes with the best TSA approved luggage locks) goes back to 1897, and the Hertfordshire, England-based manufacturer has always been known for delivering top-notch stuff.


Never lose your luggage again with MUJI OJOKEESUS Suitcase Eyes. These are basically stickers of really big eyes, mustaches and other features that you stick on your luggage. You can mix and match and go wild with your designs. On the infinitesimal chance you see the same design coming off the carousel, then you are either stuck in an episode of Lost or just found your soulmate. Find these at MUJI in Japan. Or maybe online also. What do I look like, Google? They’re out there somewhere.

[Images via Fucking Young]