Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

Everybody knows the stories behind Spidey, Cap, and The Hulk, but what about the stories of their creators? Marvel Comics: The Untold Story ($13) might not feature a whole lot of men in tights, but it does feature a lot of men working in tight quarters, under deadlines, and boldly foraging a new path in comics that would eventually turn into the billion-dollar juggernaut it is today. Author Sean Howe digs up Marvel’s history through exhaustively researched and intricately integrated information. We’re betting the book’s plot will also take the hammer to Thor 2‘s storyline.

Man of Steel Superman Truck: Hauls Everything Except Kryptonite

If you plan on hauling ass to see Man of Steel when it opens later this week, perhaps the best way to haul said ass would be in the new Man of Steel edition of RAM’s Power Wagon truck. The body matches Superman’s new darker look with Dark Ceramic Gray paint, a vinyl wrap, and a high-gloss black roof. You’ll find Superman logos in place of the traditional Ram badges, with Superman-themed materials on the inside as well.

Secret Life of Superheroes Art Prints Series 2: Superman Flips Super Bird

It was only a couple of months ago that we enjoyed seeing Superman brush his teeth and Batman making out with Robin. Now artist Greg Guillemin is back with more candid behavior from our favorite tough guys in tights with Secret Life of Superheroes Art Prints Series 2. See Wonder Woman enjoying a banana, the Hulk rolling a joint, or Spidey grabbing crotch; because the comics only tell half of the story.