Own Bits And Pieces Of History Including Meteorites, Mummy Wraps And Dinosaur Poo

Explore historical artifacts of the most interesting objects ever found. And never leave your desk. A new Kickstarter project by Hans Fex called the Mini Museum embeds miniature-sized collections of these items into a block of resin. What’s included? Try bits of the oldest matter ever collected in the known Universe – matter collected from carbonacious chondrites. Other items include pieces from the earliest evidence of life on Earth, the strelly pool stromatolites. Lunar rocks, dinosaur egg shells, Dracula’s castle, the Berlin Wall and many more.

According to Fex, he’s collected all these items over 35 years. Now, he wants to break each down into tiny pieces and embed them into resin. Are they real? Well, there are Kickstarter scams out there. Rex is a registered meteorite collector though, so it’s slightly believable. Fex offers 3 choices of Mini Museums: small, medium and large ($99, 159 and $239 respectively).