Motorola’s MotoACTV

Let’s say you run. How do you keep track of your progress? Your clunky 4.5″ smartphone that bangs around in your pocket. That iPod strapped to your arm. Maybe it’s the Nike+, the one with the sensor on your shoe beaming signals to the…iPod strapped to your arm. Come November 6th, Motorola brings convenience to the exercise junkie with the MotoACTV.

Strap on the MotoACTV to your wrist and capture your activity with the integrated GPS. Measure your success, record your runs and even monitor your heart rate with the separate in-ear heart rate monitor. All this housed in one tiny, Nano sized device built for exercise. That means splashproof and scratchproof Gorilla Glass as used on Motorola’s Droid RAZR.

Beyond just recording your fitness, the MotoACTV creates custom playlists based on your fitness patterns and history. That means music tailored to those days you might sprint, jog or need a little extra oomph. All customized on your past activity, and not created beforehand. After your workout, sync the MotoACTV to the MotoACTV portal and check out the requisite graphs and analysis. Battery life is adequate at 10 hours indoors and 5 hour outdoors, when GPS is used.

Choose from 8GB ($250) and 16GB ($300) models. Open the wallet a little more for the $100 heart heart rate monitor, though that can be used with any Moto phone. While the 8GB and 16GB MotoACTV models run twice the price of the respectively sized Nanos, the Nano’s capabilities in the gym are likely an afterthought to its buyers. For exercise junkies, the MotoACTV will be a dedicated device for their training.