murderbox MKII

The ultimate¬†gaming rig won’t be coming from Dell or HP. It just won’t. For bleeding edge performance, you’ll need to custom build your PC with the latest and greatest parts, and if money is no object, you’d be wise to consider the Murderbox MKII ($1200) for your case. The MKII is made mostly of aluminum which is media-blasted using a proprietary process that produces a fine-texture surface which is then finished with black anodizing. ¬†It’s gorgeous and it’s state-of-the-art. Your move, Compaq.


If you’ve been following the Murderbox project throughout the years and Million-Dollar-PC, you’ll know that the Murderbox isn’t just a custom built liquid cooled PC equipped with the latest hardware. It’s a machine that transcends into art. Now, after a few years of prodding, the everyman can get their own Murderbox. But this everyman is going to have to fork over some change.

The rig starts at $6,000 depending on the amount of custom work involved. Meaning, things can get even pricier. You can order or just dream about it here.