Thermostat by Philippe Starck: Some Like It Hot, And This Thing Knows When

Running to the AC or fireplace every time you get warm or cold is so 20th century. What, are you gonna use your Rubik’s Cube to move the little lever too? This thermostat from French designer Philippe Starck handles your climate control by learning your routine; it knows when you like it chilly in bed and when you need it toasty for that morning shower. Handle all the details with your smartphone or tablet and plant your feet firmly in the modern age.

Philippe Starck x FOSSIL Watches

Sleek. Progressive. Practical. No, I’m not talking about you (keep dreaming). I’m talking about Philippe Starck‘s latest timepieces. The three new creations from the renowned Philippe Starck x FOSSIL partnership exemplify Starck’s design philosophy – to create products that are functional and understated. All the information you could possibly need is available with the glance of your backlit wrist. Starting early next year, Philippe Starck x FOSSIL Watches will be sold internationally at FOSSIL retail outlets. But keep your eyes peeled. Stark x FOSSIL Watches are so subtle, they’re easy to miss.