Jawbone UP24: Today I Will Get Off My Ass

The Jawbone Up24 ($149) is a fitness-tracking wristband with a bit of a ‘tude. Wearing one and using its new wireless syncing feature (using low-energy Bluetooth) will get you plenty of real-time data about your road to anti-chubbiness, with a healthy dash of sass along the way. The Up app will suggest you get to bed earlier or walk more steps throughout the day with plenty of “Today I Will” messages on your phone. If you’re the type that needs a little push to get going, this could work out nicely for you. If you deeply resent all types of authority figures — even ones with artificial intelligence — then definitely invest in a sturdy phone case.


Hiring a personal trainer, diet coach, and sleep guru (is there such a thing? If so, I wanna be one) to hover over you at all times, dispensing advice and giving you updates, sounds pricey and kind of annoying. But having an ergonomic wristband do all their duties for you? Now that could work. Larklife ($150) syncs with  iOS devices to track your workouts, sleeping patterns, and eating habits. It also aims to improve your life through recommendations, like letting you know if you’ve been sitting too long and suggesting a walk, or encouraging you to call a friend at the end of the day. And hey, if you make friends with a sleep guru, give him my number. I’d like to some tips on how to get started.