Outlier Doublebag: Cancels Out The Sniff Test

Taking a big whiff of those boxers in your suitcase — unsure of whether they’re clean or dirty — can often lead to severe nasal pain. Outlier’s Doublebag ($48) eliminates the need for your nose’s detective work with its double-walled design, letting you store your clean clothes on one side and the dirty garments on the other. The Doublebag expands as needed and also acts as a laundry bag, pillow, and pretend human body to throw in your trunk or bury in the yard with a rusty, ketchup-stained shovel.

Globe-Trotter x MR PORTER 2013 Capsule Collection: Airport Sophistication

Even if you only own one suit (and um, OK, it’s actually for cosplay), you can still fool all the pretty girls at the airport if you pack your Underoos inside a bag from the Globe-Trotter x MR PORTER 2013 Capsule Collection. The company’s reputation for classy luggage (which nowdays comes with the best TSA approved luggage locks) goes back to 1897, and the Hertfordshire, England-based manufacturer has always been known for delivering top-notch stuff.

TrakDot Luggage Tracker: That Is My Bag, Baby

Trivia time! Question: Where does your suitcase go when the airline loses it? If you guessed “The nether reaches of Mordor,” you’re partially right. We think. Point is, we often have no clue where our bags go. But the Trakdot Luggage Tracker changes all that. Just put this AA-battery-powered beacon into your checked bag and keep tabs on its whereabouts via your smartphone. You’ll get real-time updates on your bag’s current city location through your iOS or Android device. It even sends texts if you lack a smartphone. TrakDot itself costs $50, with a $9 activation fee and annual service fee of $13.

Aviiq Portable Charging Station

The Cords might be a nice name for a cover band for The Chords (yeah, we just heard of them too), but the cords – as in wires and cables – are a pain in the ass. Aviiq Portable Charging Station ($79) is a portable charging station that organizes your cadre of um, cords, while giving you juice for up to four USB devices at one time. Less clutter means less stress, and less stress means more time to familiarize yourself with toe-tappers like “Maybe Tomorrow.”