Outlier Doublebag: Cancels Out The Sniff Test

Taking a big whiff of those boxers in your suitcase — unsure of whether they’re clean or dirty — can often lead to severe nasal pain. Outlier’s Doublebag ($48) eliminates the need for your nose’s detective work with its double-walled design, letting you store your clean clothes on one side and the dirty garments on the other. The Doublebag expands as needed and also acts as a laundry bag, pillow, and pretend human body to throw in your trunk or bury in the yard with a rusty, ketchup-stained shovel.

Incase EO Travel Collection

A dune buggy, a trampoline, tequila, and a Jersey Shore Complete Seasons 1-5 DVD box set (the perfect time capsule!)…yes, these are a few of the items which constitute a promising list of things to take on the first commercial flight to Mars. The luggage to use? The Incase EO Travel Collection ($150-$300/item). Why? Well, because it’s just about the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing baggage equipment you can find. Just look at this awesome montage video of the Hardshell Roller, whose padded compartment reassures that those margarita glasses will stay safe. Why the Jersey Shore box set? Well, if there is a superior intelligence out there, they will not be interested in the great things we have accomplished, but in just how bad it can get.

Killspencer Weekender 2.0 Bag

Summer travel season’s coming up, which means it’s time to consider weekender bags. Killspencer, a boutique men’s bag line out of LA, recently released its Weekender 2.0. Each bag is handmade from vintage preserved, Korean War era cotton canvas, so you know it’s durable. Materials include RiRi “Aquazip” zippers and bullhide leather handles. Made in Switzerland and considered the finest zipper manufacturer available, the “Aquazip” is completely waterproof due to its unique, plastic moulded teeth design. As for the inside, it  features a padded laptop compartment with elastic security straps, providing enough space to fit a Macbook Air or iPad. Exterior snap pockets are located on each side for convenience. Each bag is made to order and entirely manufactured in Los Angeles. Visit the Killspencer site to order.