Fat Boys Pizza Box Vinyl Reissue

Consider yourself lucky if you grew up in the era of the Fat Boys. The Human Beat Box, Kool Rock Ski, and Prince Markie Dee had more fun with their beats & rhymes than all other rappers combined from the years 2000-20012. They were never shy about their love of food (trans fats hadn’t been invented yet), so it’s only fitting that a reissue of the Fat Boys debut album is released on vinyl–inside a pizza box. This chunky set comes with a 20-page liner notes booklet and a download card for bonus materials.

The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set

Vinyl, the Jason Voorhees of music formats, is getting is getting a massive injection of life-juice next month as the Beatles original studio album remasters, previously released on CD and iTunes, will make their LP debuts in the Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set ($400). The Fab Four’s 12 original U.K. studio albums, as well as the U.S. version of “Magical Mystery Tour,” and “Past Masters, Volumes One & Two” will be included. This marks the first time the Beatles’ first four albums – “Please Please Me,” “With the Beatles,” “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Beatles for Sale” – will see a North American release in stereo on vinyl. A 252-page hardcover book also is yours to enjoy.

Third Man 45 iPhone Case

The only place to find old-school vinyl records these days is in your parent’s attic, on grandpa’s turn table, or at your local garage sale. But now thanks to Griffin Techology and Third Man Records, we can enjoy the sound and smell (is that weird?) of the nostalgic wonder that is vinyl once again. The Third Man 45 iPhone Case protects your iPhone like other cases, but this one has a unique backing that will send you back in time. The back features an actual piece of a 7” vinyl record, custom fit into the casing with cutouts where needed, so you can still access all the necessary iPhone buttons. For $30, the Third Man 45 is now available for the iPhone 4 and 4S. To shake things up even more, Third Man is also offering additional inserts: The White Stripes on white vinyl, The Raconteurs on black, and The Dead Weather on yellow, each $20.

ION Vertical Vinyl Player

Part art-piece, part record player, the new ION Vertical Vinyl Player jazzes up your listening AND viewing pleasure. Mount this cordless player on your wall and watch your colored vinyl records spin and mesmerize you and your guests. Imagine putting up ten of these and enjoying a symphony of sound.

The Vertical Vinyl Player runs on 4 AA batteries, which is hard to believe. Probably keeps the unit light, but runtime off 4 AA batteries is unknown. That’s something to consider. Switch between 33 and 45 RPM with the included 45 adaptor. Sound is controlled and played through the onboard volume control and speakers. Colorways include red, silver, green and blue. A good buy for your cramped dorm room or to make a statement in the modernists’ home.