Withings Activité: A Fitness Tracker With Style

Remember those calculator watches back in the 80’s? Let’s just say they weren’t the coolest accessory around. Now, we’ve got a bunch of fitness trackers, smart watches and what-nots that no one will ever wear on their wrists because they don’t look good. Well, Withings changes that. They have a new fitness tracker, the Withings Activité ($390), that also doubles as a sharp-looking Swiss watch.

Sync it with the Health Mate App to develop fitness plans and will recommend you to check this supplement or this other depending on your routine and body, track objectives and the thing also tracks your sleep cycles. Whaaat? Yup. It runs on a normal watch battery and comes in black and silver. Finally, a company gets it.

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The MusicMachine By MB&F And Reuge: Music Box Made Manly

An eye roll may be unavoidable when you first hear someone pitch a “music box for men,” but once you see the glorious effort put into the MusicMachine by MB&F and Swiss music box maker Reuge, that eye roll will likely turn into a focused squint, with perhaps an eyebrow or two raised, Zoolander style. The design looks very much like an X-wing fighter, and fittingly, this baby plays the theme from Star Wars along with Darth Vader’s Imperial March. Six tunes in all are churned out, with the theme from Star Trek, “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple, “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd, and “Imagine” by John Lennon rounding out the manly music selection. Only 66 MusicMachines will be produced — 33 each in black lacquer and white lacquer — so act quick if you’re ready to make off with the most macho music box ever. [via]

Skull Watches by Romain Jerome

The skull gets a bad rap. When paired up with that troublemaker crossbones, the ol’ head bone can seem somewhat sinister, when really it’s not. A perfect example of the skull’s style is the Art-DNA watch by Romain Jerome ($23,000). Jerome has collaborated with Swiss artist John M Armleder to create 10 limited edition watches, each one decorated with a skull said to be inspired by Amerindian culture. Each timepiece is individually numbered with an engraving of the artist’s signature, and you’re good for water submerges up to 30 meters.

Plicate Watch by Benjamin Hubert

If 3D movies (John Carter anyone?  No, seriously, anyone?) aren’t enough to satisfy your unyielding appetite for three dimensions, feast your eyes on Benjamin Hubert’s new wristwatch, Plicate. Using the pleats often found in paper fans, this head-turner of a timepiece uses a three dimensional-faceted surface to display increments of time. The pleated surface of Plicate is also detailed on the underside of the watch strap, letting air flow between the strap and your wrist so you don’t sweat up the joint. Joints don’t like to be sweated up, FYI.

Phosphor E-Ink for Your Wrist

We’ve heard of getting “inked up”, but the new E-Ink Watch gives that phrase a new meaning altogether. The new world-time watch from Phosphor looks like most sports watches. It’s chunky, colorful, and just plain cool. But this one sports a different face that’s comprised of curved e-ink to display the time. The watch also features a touch-sensitive bezel that lets you alternate between home time and times around the world, making this a must-have for traveling. Priced at $99 and available in orange, white or black, E-Ink is the first world traveler watch that’s waterproof up to 100 feet.

Nixon “Rubber” 51-30

Here’s the Nixon 51-30, with a twist.  The popular watch is now made of soft rubber unlike the previous 51-30 that featured a stainless steel or leather band. The durable Rubber was designed to endure life underwater, so surfers, divers, and mermaids alike will be thrilled to know that the new 51-30 is fully functional even at 300 meters with its 51mm custom stainless steel and hardened mineral crystal anti-glare case. With a price tag of $399, the Rubber 51-30 is available at select Nixon retailers. Disclaimer: Nixon Rubber 51-30 does not protect against pregnancy or STD’s.

ZIIIRO Celeste Watch

Any stylehound knows the #1 rule when it comes to watches is as follows: The longer it takes you to tell the time, the classier it is. The ZIIIRO Celeste watch follows that philosophy perfectly with its lack of hands, numbers and anything else that simpletons use to determine the hour at hand. This timepiece is reserved for true 21st century trailblazers who will let the watch’s dazzling array of colored discs inform them of the exact(ish) time. You have your choice of four colors, and each watch is made of matte-finished stainless steel. $205 puts one on your wrist, and surely starts conversations with the ladies. Pray they ask you what time it is.

Philippe Starck x FOSSIL Watches

Sleek. Progressive. Practical. No, I’m not talking about you (keep dreaming). I’m talking about Philippe Starck‘s latest timepieces. The three new creations from the renowned Philippe Starck x FOSSIL partnership exemplify Starck’s design philosophy – to create products that are functional and understated. All the information you could possibly need is available with the glance of your backlit wrist. Starting early next year, Philippe Starck x FOSSIL Watches will be sold internationally at FOSSIL retail outlets. But keep your eyes peeled. Stark x FOSSIL Watches are so subtle, they’re easy to miss.