Almond+ Wireless Router And Smart Home Hub: Making The Unsexy Sexy

You know how at one time, wayyy back, Madonna was sexy, and now she’s 1,000% unsexy? Yeah, that’s the opposite of what the Almond+ does. Up until now, it’s safe to say no one has ever drooled over a wireless router, but that figures to change. The unique design, cool colors, and touchscreen functionality immediately place the Almond+ several rungs above the typical router. Factor in 802.11ac network compatibility, support for Z-Wave and ZigBee based smart-home devices and appliances, and a $99 price tag and you’ve got the sexiest piece of computer hardware since the boob mouse.

LIFX: Wi-Fi Enabled, Smartphone Controlled Light Bulb

Is it OK to be more excited about a new light bulb than the new iPhone? I think so. Especially when it’s the LIFX ($70), an LED bulb with built-in Wi-fi allowing you to control your lighting and change its colors via smartphone. With an estimated lifespan of 25 freakin years, auto dimming, and the ability to sync to the beats in your phone, the iPhone has some catching up to do.

Wireless Gas Fireplace by Escea

Fire has been around since, what, at least 1940, right? But not until now, has a new innovation emerged concerning the rapid oxidation of material in the chemical process of combustion. The Escea IB600 is a gas fireplace that seamlessly slides into your brick chimney or wood fire. It looks gorgeous, but most importantly – and here’s that innovation we were mentioning a moment ago – you can start the fire with your cellphone! Yes! This fireplace includes a wireless control, thermostat, programmable timer, three speed fan, and i-con remote switching is available, so you can light it up with your phone or online application. The IB600 has 7.5KW of heat output, and an efficiency rating of 75%. Is that good? We have no idea! But again, this fireplace can be ignited from your phone.

Republic Wireless

Tired of dropped calls, overage charges, and that annoying guy with glasses who has but one facial expression in his acting bag of tricks? Good news kids! The new carrier, Republic Wireless, will be opening its doors on November 8th to offer consumers unlimited calls, texts, and data for just $19. Republic can offer this plan by relying on Wi-Fi calling, but callers will default to a mobile network when they’re outside of Wi-Fi range. With Republic, customers will get one bill, one number, and their phones will automatically switch between Wi-Fi and cellular connections as needed.

As the big carriers phase out unlimited data plans, Republic Wireless just might fill that void. I know, I know…the real question is, what handsets will Republic offer? Oh, glad you asked. Customized Android phones will be required, so keep that in mind. But which Android phone you say. That my friends, is still TBD. Stay tuned for more details.