Super Mario 8-bit Question Lamp

Mario and his sibling, Luigi, stole our hearts in 1985, and they’ve kept them hidden under a random turtle shell ever since. Don’t try to find the shell–just give in to the addiction with this Interactive 8-bit Question Block Lamp ($75). Made of laser-cut plexiglass and lit from inside by energy-efficient LEDs, this retro piece will take you back to the battle against Bowser with its touch-activated sound effects. One tap (or head bonk) and the light and classic coin noise will emerge. Plus you don’t even have to blow on the light to get it to work.

Furniture by Douglas Coupland: Unleash Dopamine!

Canadian novelist Douglas Coupland is aiming his creativity away from the pages and into the living rooms with a new collection of furniture designs. The Douglas Coupland for SwitzerCultCreative collection consists of a desk, chair, lamp and bookshelves, but you won’t find this stuff at Walmart. In fact Coupland says this is the kind of furniture that will do more than just look pretty in your den. “These are pieces that will unleash creativity, dopamine, high style and timelessness into their user’s world,” he says. Unique and “unexpectedly ergonomic,” this may be the best prescription for writer’s block since the whiskey bottle.

Super Mario Cutting Board

It’s-a me, Mario…Cutting Board($110)! Please-a don’t chop-a my face! I-a seriously can’t-a stop-a typing like-a-this, please-a help-a me! The Mario Cutting Board is engrained with an 8-Bit representation of your favorite Italian plumber. No, not Luigi, everyone hates Luigi. This custom built cutting board is 3/4 of an thick and made of solid wood grain, so go ahead and smash any spare Question Blocks you have lying around while (probably drunkenly) humming the Super Mario theme song. And when you tire of your Mario Cutting Board, use him as kindling for your Pixelated Fireplace. Warning: chopping mushrooms on this board may or may not cause spontaneous and violent cutting board growth.