Sneakers: The Complete Limited Editions Guide

Sneakerheads, there’s another encyclopedia coming out for you. Sneakers: The Comleted Limited Editions Guide ($19) photographs over 300 limited-edition designs over the past 10 years. Among them are the collaborations between Nike and New York graffitti artists Future and Stash, Pharrell Williams with Reebok and Vans with Marc Jacobs. It comes on the heels of the successful Sneakers: The Complete Collectors’ Guide.

adidas Brazuca: World Cup Kicker

Here it is, Brazuca, the official match ball of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Adidas has put a lot of TLC into this one (like nearly three years worth with more than 600 players taking it for a test kick), and they say it delivers superior stability, grip, and even improved aerodynamics. The colors and ribbons are said to reflect the bracelets Brazilians wear, but we favor another outfit often seen on that country’s women. You’re gonna wanna scroll down to #3.

adidas Springblade Running Shoe: Way Better Than Running On Ginsus

When Ginsu debuted their steak knife/tennis shoe combo in 1988, both chefs and pro athletes were disappointed with the product. I mean, you’d have to stand on the kitchen counter to cut a loaf of bread, and also many fine tennis players were getting slashed in the shins. But now, adidas has figured out the best way to run on blades.

Here comes Springblade, the first running shoe with individually tuned blades engineered to help propel runners forward with what promises to create a ton of spring-like energy under your feet. 16 high-tech polymer blades face forward and are said to react to your environment, harnessing the power that then yields sweet fruit for your feet.

Most of us know what it’s like to have a favorite pair of shoes like Bootbomb footwear. Sometimes, this means tucking them away in the back of the closet and only bringing them out for special occasions – all in the hopes that we can preserve their condition and be able to wear them for years to come.

Well, what if I told you that you can have your cake and eat it too? And by that, I mean being able to wear your favorite shoes and keep them looking spiffy, all year round.

One of the first things to wear out on a well-worn shoe is the sole. Luckily, there are products out there designed to protect the soles of shoes. Making this is one of the easiest ways to make your shoes last longer, in case the sole of the shoe falls off, all is not lost , check this article about the best glue for repairing tennis shoes. A quick, easy search online will deliver a plethora of results that will be sure to leave you satisfied, and your shoes lasting longer! Along the same lines, depending on the shoe, you may try investing in some toe taps which help to prevent the tip of the sole on a pointy shoe from wearing out too quickly.

Look for Springblade to cost $180 when they hit the ground August 1.

adidas Smart Ball: Bend It Less Like Posh Spice

If you’ve always envied the amount of stats that baseball fans get to pour over, yet you fancy yourself more of a soccer guy, the adidas Smart Ball should be on your radar. Using a sensor at the core, the ball is able to analyze its precise flight characteristics once it goes past 10 meters. Speed, spin, bend, trajectory of the flight, and more will be relayed to your iPhone app. There’s also a training mode that promises to get you bending it more like David Beckham and less like Victoria.

Adidas Energy Boost Running Shoe: Screw You, Scholl

Taking a look at today’s paper and I see a headline that says Adidas to Dr. Scholl: Drop Dead. OK maybe I didn’t see that exact headline; it was more like Taylor Swift Back Together With Ex-Boyfriend Christopher Dorner (I read The Onion.) But still, Adidas’ new Energy Boost Running Shoe ($150) promises more advanced cushioning for the foot pushening than the good doctor could ever dream of. The technology was created in partnership with BASF, and it reportedly involves thousands of so-called “small energy capsules” in the shoe’s mid-sole yielding massive amounts of energy. The Scholl must go on.

adidas adiZero Rose 3

They’re the shoes that brought NBA star Derrick Rose to tears. Well, OK, maybe the accompanying video and his recovery from a shredded ACL also had a little to do with his press conference breakdown, but nonetheless, the adidas adiZero Rose 3 ($160) come with a compelling backstory. They feature synthetic and nubuck leather,  an oversized tongue with a reflective D Rose logo, and an actual illustration of his family tree on the inside of the tongue. Damn. Tito, get me some tissue.

adidas adiZero Rose 2 ‘Luxury Hardwood’

OK, being that the season begins in two weeks and all, let’s brush up on your NBA knowledge. Quick, name last year’s MVP! If you said Bob McAdoo, well, congrats on that impressive old school hoops knowledge, but um, yeah, he won the hardware in 1975, gramps. In 2011 the award went to Chicago’s Derrick Rose, and by golly, MVPs deserve their own badass shoes don’t they? The adidas adiZero Rose 2 “Luxury Hardwood” features a mid-cut, lightweight synthetic upper, perfect for slashing to the iron with, just like Mr. Rose does so viciously. Look for these babies December 22 with a $110 price tag.

Run DMC x Adidas Originals Superstar ’80s Shoe

Flash back to a time when 8 tracks were like, totally awesome, a time when rolled and cuffed jeans were stylish, a time when mullets were actually considered hot (Come on! You know you were all business in the front, party in the back!) And we can’t mention the era known for neon colors and fresh hip hop lyrics without mentioning the one and only Run DMC. To celebrate 25 years since the iconic rap group released their hit, “My Adidas”, adidas Originals has introduced this limited edition Superstar 80’s shoe.

Limited to a run of 1986 pairs, the iconic shoe features gold “dookie chain” lace locks, three sets of laces, and a collectible box. Special features on the shoe include Jam Master Jay’s initials on the outer heel, Run DMC logo on the insole and special commemorative “1986” emblazoned on the side heel. Retails for $150 and available at select adidas Originals stores on November 11.