Banksy in New York by Ray Mock

If you couldn’t get your hands on the ultra-cheap $50 something prints Banksy sold on the streets months ago, get this nicely designed book about his month-long residency in New York instead. Banksy in New York ($35) collects first-hand daily accounts of Banksy’s residency and all the fun stuff that happened at the time. The book includes over 120 photos and illustrations with a screenprinted cover. The publisher will only produce 2,000 copies so grab one now here.

That? Oh, It’s Just My Melting Skull

My face, it’s melting!! How many times have you thought that? If it’s a common occurrence, you definitely need these. It’s a porcelain sculpture called Vibes Melt Down 2043 for use as an incense burner. The picture is self-explanatory. It’s a half-melted skull dissolving into a puddle of gooey skull matter. On a deeper level, it’s an exploratory journey into man’s quest for meaning and sub-conscious examination. It also looks cool on a coffee table.

Don’t Lose Your (And These) Marbles

Marbles, they’re not just for kids. At least not these ones. These cost $1,000 each. And what do you know, people actually buy them. Mike Gong created this series of handmade glass marbles titled “Acid Eaters”. They feature pretty wicked designs, images of eyes popping out and swirling, LSD-type patterns. The marbles are also 5 feet tall. Just kidding. But THAT would be really cool.

Casely-Hayford x H by Harris Quilted Leather Skateboards

The words, quilted and skateboards, no one thought they’d ever go together. British designer Casely-Hayford and leather makers H by Harris thought otherwise. This isn’t a board for the streets, it’s a board to decorate the walls at home. More like art. Translucent wheels, steel trucks and a stitched logo at the center set this piece off. Find the Casely-Hayford x H by Harris Quilted Leather Skateboards here.

Liven Up The House With Skull Doorknobs

What mysteries await as you slowly turn this Skull Doorknob? An undiscovered world to be unlocked by your adventurous ways. The Skull Doorknob. Many travelers have tried, but none have succeeded. Go ahead, grasp that skull, you are Indiana Jones and this. This is the Temple of Doom. Now fling open the door! Glorious of glories!

Oh, it’s just a twin-sized bed and the lonely glow of a computer monitor. Have any girls ever been in here? Oh well, time for lunch.

giphoscope: Crank Up That GIF

Should we ever experience a massive, long-term power outage, complete with — gasp — no Wi-Fi, the Giphoscope will be ready to take care of our GIF fix. This is an analog GIF player, totally tailor-made and handmade in Italy. It plays 24 frames animated gifs/video sequences via a classically old-time hand crank. With a mix of aluminium, Italian walnut wood, and again, a sweet hand crank, knowing our GIFs are in good hands almost makes us wanna go off the grid. Almost.

Dom Pérignon x Jeff Koons Limited Edition: Statue Of Libations

Bottle of 2003 Dom Pérignon not fancy enough for ya? OK, Thurston Howell III, how about if it’s encased in a dazzling sculpture by renowned artist Jeff Koons? $20,000 will get you one of these limited edition 2003 Rosé Champagne bottles inside Koons’ polyurethane resin sculpture ‘The Balloon Venus for Dom Pérignon.’ It’s a piece based on his ‘Ballon Venus,’ a high chromium stainless steel sculpture currently on display at the Gagosian Gallery in NYC. And let’s just say $20K ain’t gonna cut it for that one.

Roxy Chair by onefortythree

There are only so many Christmases you can give your grandma a new urn for grandpa’s ashes. At some point the old girl needs a new gift. The Roxy Chair by onefortythree ($375) fits the bill with its unique spin on the rocking chair, featuring a seat and back seat of molded plywood, curved foam cushions wrapped in real leather, and rocker skids made of solid walnut. Sit granny in this thing with a Ziploc full of few prunes and she’ll be so ready for that Matlock marathon. (RIP Andy Griffith)