Bang & Olufsen Beolab 14: Your 4K TV’s Companion

If you’re the kinda guy who’s already planted a 4K TV in his living room, then 1) we’re jealous of your extreme wealth, and 2) we’ve found your surround speakers for you, sir. Bang & Olufsen’s Beolab 14 costs a cool $3,995, and that’s for a 4.1 setup mind you. The styling is of course impeccable, with a 280-watt cylindrical subwoofer anchoring the bass and four individually powered 2.5-inch satellite speakers (140 watts) bringing you the highs of your favorite films. The aluminum casing on the speakers promises to keep the sound as pristine as the visuals. Sony’s ready with some 4K(ish) content. Are you?

BeoPlay H3 & H6 Headphones: Enough Bloody Bass!

The race for bass has gotten out of hand. When “Guaranteed to make your eardrums bleed!” is used as a tagline, you know things have gone too far. That’s what makes the BeoPlay H3 earbuds and H6 headphones so nice. Bang & Olufsen along with industrial designer Jakob Wagner have created two stylish models that focus on outputting dynamic and balanced sound. The H3’s aluminum body features 23 ventilation holes which promise to yield superb clarity. The H6 cans feature an internal bass port for delightfully balanced low frequencies–just as it should be. You want ear damage? Go nuts with a Q-Tip.

BeoLab 15 & 16: Hear Music, Not Voices From The Walls

Crazy people hear voices from their walls; rich people hear music. Bang & Olufsen probably knows there’s less money to be made catering to the insane, so they’re aiming for the well-off crowd with their new Beolab 15 & 16. This sublime sound system features a pair of two-way active speakers, an active subwoofer, and a rack-ready amplifier, all ready for in-wall or in-ceiling placement. The twist? A new motorized tilt function that lets you direct the sound where you want it when on, and then puts them flush back against the wall when off.

BeoPlay V1

While the name Bang & Olufsen may get you thinking of sexing up Mary Kate or Ashley, home theater buffs know B&O is has a rep for high-end products with great sound. Their new BeoPlay V1 TV continues that tradition. It offers some unique mounting options – floor stand, upright table stand, wall bracket and ceiling bracket – and B&O’s proprietary ICEPower amplifier creates 5.1 surround sound that’s powerful enough to fill a room. Fire up the Full Housand Baby Beluga, dude.

BeoLit 12 by Bang & Olufsen

How powerful is the iPhone? Very. Oh, you need more proof? Well, it’s so powerful that it’s forcing ultra high-end audio specialists Bang and Olufsen to jump headfirst into the portable MP3 fray. The B&O Beolit 12 ($799) is a premium iPhone speaker, meant to provide unrivaled sound quality in a world of, well, rivaled sound quality. It’s the first product under B&O’s new sub-brand, B&O Play, aimed at high-quality portable audio-video products with a less Bang and Olufsenish price point (aka expensive as heck). The full-grain Italian leather carry strap and solid anodised aluminium speaker grill speaks to the style of the device, while the 120 Watts class D power amplifier driving two 2-inch full range tweeters and a 4-inch woofer means you can really air it out. The internal battery is said to provide 8-hours of playback, and it charges your iPhone as you rock out to the tunes of your choice.