OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Wizardry! I command thee to rise and float and produce those magical “sounds” from within your devil belly! Is what a 17th century time traveler would say upon seeing the OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker ($179). Om Audio proclaims it the world’s first levitating speaker and if my name isn’t Jebediah, then this isn’t the coolest thing ever. 15 hours of playtime, 10 watt sounds from a 3 watt speaker and you can just grab the floating orb and take it with you when you want. Burn it! BURN IT A THE STAKE! Mmm…steak.

Vifa Wireless Speakers Another Great Design From The Danes

Vifa has been developing speaker systems for high-end brands for over 80 years. Now, the Danish company has gone from understudy to main actor with its own line of wireless speakers. Each will be named after certain Nordic capitals. The first, the Copenhagen, comes wrapped in fabric from Kvadrat, a famous European textile manufacturer. The exterior houses a matte-colored aluminum housing. Each speaker comes with Bluetooth connectivity, Apple AirPlay, embroidered volume buttons and six different color selections.

A Speaker Bubble For Full Audio Immersion

Noise-cancellation headphones. They don’t cancel noises that really disturb people, like the boss’ voice or the caterwauling of a wanna-be American Idol neighbor. That’s when something like the AudiOrb comes in handy. Studio Total (ST), a Scandinavian lab, has invented the first loudspeaker that listeners sit inside.

Eighteen mounted speakers blast whatever music the occupant desires. It’s like a spherical womb. Comfort is key also. Tempur pillows that conform to the body line the interior and heighten relaxation.

Only 5 will be created, so those needing a break from noise pollution need to act fast. Also, no word yet on how long someone can breathe inside the bubble, or how more oxygen gets inside. However, that’s just a minor fact.

HiddenRadio2 Produces Magical Sounds

Bluetooth speakers have saturated the market, so it’s even more important for designs to stand out. The HiddenRadio2 ($149) has a couple of things going for it. It’s got rounded corners. iPads have rounded corners. Babies are also round. People like babies and iPads, therefore people like rounded things. Is that how logic works? Also, push a button on the unit or your smartphone and the cover magically raises revealing the speaker underneath. At that point, you can ‘hear’ or ‘listen’ to whatever’s coming out. Hearing and listening, you like that too, don’t you?

Go Green with the McIntosh MT5 Turntable

Vinyl sales have mounted a comeback that rivals any hail mary in sports. Unlock their superior sound quality with the McIntosh MT5 Turntable ($6500). Powered by a Swiss-made motor, two magnets suspend the silicon acrylic platter. This wizardry prevents the extraneous noise lower end turntables produce. Marvel at the trademark bright green McIntosh glow against the black glass beneath. Definitely not a turntable left out for when the drunk frat bros wanna play dj.

Harman Kardon Nova Wireless Speakers: Emphasis On The Acoustics

Unlike your family singalongs, the Harman Kardon Nova Wireless Stereo Speaker System ($300) puts an emphasis on quality acoustics. This is a powered 2.0, stereo speaker system with performance-tuned 2.5” drivers and 1.25” tweeters that aim to deliver a richer listening experience. The passive radiator also promises extended bass response.  The Nova adapts easily to nearly any audio system, and offers both analog and optical connections as well as Wireless Bluetooth with NFC, cranking out 40 watts of power. Now just tell Aunt Connie to take it down a notch.

“Move” by NudeAudio: This Speaker Likes It Rough

NudeAudio’s new wireless Bluetooth speaker is promising something that’s rarely found elsewhere in the market: a desire to be treated rough. Not Lifetime-movie-rough, but the “Move” speaker (smallest size starts at $30) is more than ready to be tossed into your bag, flipped over to your friend, and maybe even dropped by that clumsy friend–all without missing a beat. Thick kitchen-grade silicone encases the speaker, making the “Move” the second sexiest silicone-stuffed thing to get your mitts on.

P.A.C.O. Bluetooth Speaker: Crank Up The Concrete

P.A.C.O. is more than just a potentially awesome name for your pet hamster, it’s also the name of a new Bluetooth speaker made from… concrete. Concrete and harmonic wood, to be precise. What does this mean for you? Well besides making it the ultimate portable audio solution for a construction site, the two materials also promise to give deeper bass and better treble. P.A.C.O. can also be controlled with hand gestures–some of which are also very popular on construction sites.