SYNEK Gives You Fresh Craft Beer At Home

By the time you get craft beer home, it’s a wrap. You either drink it or store it and enjoy flat beer days later. SYNEK lets you save that craft beer on tap for drinking later. Fill up the bags with whatever craft beer you choose and their design keeps the carbonation fresh. You can also switch bags out without losing the carbonation. The device can sit on your counter and doesn’t take much more space than a toaster. SYNEK has a Kickstarter campaign up right now, so let your voice be heard. By bankrolling their campaign.

Easy Homebrewing With Victor’s Drinks Beer Making Kits

You love the idea of homebrewing, but hate the hassle of the whole process and pouring tons of money into homebrewing equipment. Think of all the home improvement projects you’ve been meaning to do. Right, that’s what we thought. Buy Victor’s Drinks Beer Making Kits and in 10 days, get 20 pints of delicious ale. Dark OR light. Mm hmm. All you have to do is add some warm water to the included yeast, sit back and wait.

Make Frozen Beer Slushies At Home

Too bad 7-11 doesn’t make beer slurpees, their stock prices would skyrocket. Now, Japanese beer maker Kirin brings all the slushie goodness home with their Frozen Beer Slushie Maker ($65). This machine spits out a soft-serve yogurt-esque head of foam onto beers that acts as a frozen cap to cool the beer down. It’s tasty, fun and keeps beers cold. Score one for Kirin.

Spreadable Beer: The World Is Now Complete

Cream cheese. Boring. Butter. Fattening AND boring. Peanut butter. What? Double boring. No, spread something really exciting on crackers and toast. Beer. That’s right, they’ve made Spreadable Beer ($17) now. Hell, don’t even spread the stuff. Just keep a bottle at the office and swish your tongue inside every few hours. Who says every hour can’t be happy hour?


Only 1 more round left in the hockey season, but hockey will live on forever with the PuckOpener ($12). Throw away those dinky bottle openers and go for a regulation NHL puck that holds a bottle opener inside. We know, you like opening beers using your lighters or banging them on the sides of tables. Whatever, just get this. Open your beer, then drop the PuckOpener on the ground and play hockey with your feet.

eCool: Store Your Beer Underground Like A Gopher

Ice cold beer. We all love it, but all that electricity we use keeping it cold. Why not let Mother Nature do the work for us? Some guys from Denmark invented the eCool ($300), a capsule that holds 24 cans of beer. You shove it deep into the ground until you decide to break open a cold one. While not ice cold, the eCool keeps beer cool enough. Buy multiple eCools and go around shoving them into your backyard as you prepare for the zombie apocalypse. Use this in tandem with the zombie apocalypse kit.

Craft Beer Spice Rub

Give meat a unique kick with the Craft Beer Spice Rub ($7) by Baker’s Bark. It’s a combination of various spices including paprika and chile, but the main ingredient anyone cares about is the beer. It’ll not only give meats a spicy flavor, but a malty one as well. Beer and meat combined into one. Also known as guy heaven.

Beer Lollipops: The Perfect Mid-Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

Remember bringing a flask to work and hiding in the bathroom to down it? Oh what, that’s just me? Whatever. Now you can leave the flask at home and bring these Beer & Wine Lollipops instead. Lollyphile gives you 6 flavors to choose from: Cabernet Sauvignon, IPA, Lager, Merlot, Chardonnay and Stout Beers. Stash a handful in your desk drawer and pull one out whenever that cubicle mate next to you starts chit-chatting too much.