New Ducati Diavel Gets A Few Subtle Changes

Ducati tweaks its Diavel V-twin sport cruiser with a little nip and tuck. Implanted is the latest Testastretta 11° Dual Spark engine that puts out 162 hp. Other minor modifications include a new exhaust design and full LED headlights. Look for the new Ducati Diavel in April 2014.

Ducati 1199 Superleggera: Weighs Less Than Some Linemen, Much Faster

Ducati’s new limited-production lightweight superbike, the 1199 Superleggera, is built from titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber; and all that space age stuff results in a bike that weighs just 341 pounds, or 5 pounds less than Kansas City Chiefs’ defensive tackle Dontari Poe. Ducati claims it’s “the highest power-to-weight ratio of any production motorcycle,” and when you stuff it with a 1198cc L-twin engine with four-valve cylinder heads, you get a laser-like 200+ horsepower and 98.8 pound-feet of torque. Only 500 are being built, and most of those bikes have been designated for owners of previous special-edition Ducatis. Maybe you can ask Dontari for a ride?

Ducati 899 Panigale: Excite Bike

The 899 Panigale is Ducati’s newest track dragon, mimicking its big brother, the 1199 Panigale, in all but a few substantial areas. Of course the engine is the big difference, with the 899 featuring a detuned Superquadro two-cylinder engine that enables it to create 148 horsepower and 73 pound-feet of torque. A dual-sided swingarm is another notable difference. But most of the 1199’s good stuff — triple-stage anti-lock brakes, electronic throttle control, Ducati Quick Shift, Ducati Traction Control — is all in there.

2013 Ducati Diavel Dark: Black On Black Justice

The black on black color scheme of the 2013 Ducati Diavel Dark is clearly part of this bike’s master plan to rule the roads. The 162 hp engine is designed to send you streaking through the night like an angry hawk in search of its prey–or in your case, maybe some tasty Taco Bell. The bike’s three electronic Riding Mode modes — Urban, Touring and Sport — give you plenty of functional flexibility as you ride on the 17-inch, 14-spoke wheels.

Ducati Diavel Strada

Ducati’s putting a touring spin on their Diavel line with the new Strada ($19,495), with new long haul-features like side bags, a touring windshield, a more comfortable seat, and raised handlebars. This cruiser features a 1198cc 11-degree Testastretta V-Twin engine that generates 160 hp at 9500 rpm with 94 ft-lb of torque at 8000 rpm. While the passenger seating is fully fleshed out with with a back rest and repositioned foot rest, there’s still only room for one lady. Though, that’s one lady more than you’d get touring the countryside in a winnebago.

Ducati Monster 20th Anniversary M900

20 years after its birth, the Ducati Monster has achieved icon status in the world of motorcycles, and when icons turn 20, icons get respect.  (What is this The Godfather over here?) Anyways, the original M900 design is getting the red carpet treatment, and that means bronze-colored frames, chrome-plated finishes, and a vintage 1986 Ducati logo across the tank.   Now that’s respect. Me, I got fancy soap for my 20th.

Ducati Diavel Cromo

When competing motorcycle companies look at Ducati’s newest head-turner, then look back at their own models, even the most loyal of Yes Men are like “Our bikes are good, but I’m just saying, no Cromo.” Good lord that was a journey for that joke. Now you wouldn’t mind taking a long journey on Ducati’s Diavel Cromo, with its 162 hp, 94 lb-ft of torque, and savory chrome tank and slick black paint job. But a journey for weak wordplay using some fading, ignorant slang? No, we’re better than that. Our apologies.

Ducati Monster Diesel Edition

Motorcycles from the future are here now. Making its debut in New York City this week, Ducati’s Monster Diesel Edition uses the same platform as the Ducati’s Monster 1100 Evo, including a two-valve, 100 hp engine, wet clutch and ABS. But things get all Bladerunnery when you peep the heat shields on the exhaust pipes and the surprising touches of green and yellow throughout the bike. No word yet on a price, but keep in mind, you’re getting the future, now.