What Happens When You Let Kanye West Design Clothes

Kanye West sold out his most recent collection for A.P.C. last year. His fashion fans crashed A.P.C.’s website in search of $120 white t-shirts and $280 sweatshirts. Naturally, A.P.C. gave him another collection this year.

He explained that ‘paint colors’ inspired his collection as “had the modern family, which he described as ‘me, Kim and North’ living a ‘jet-set life’ between New York, Paris and Los Angeles”. So basically, colors inspired him, as well as him just looking around his private jet. Nice.

Take a look at his collection and try to predict this season’s best sellers.

Be a modern-day Superman and wear this jacket like a cape.

Kanye West Designs Collection for A.P.C (1)

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Weekend Refill, 11.4.13

Married people now have their own Kama Sutra positions.

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Gustin Selvage Denim: Radical Rithmetic

It always seemed strange that the three R’s of education – reading, writing, and arithmetic – featured a very loose interpretation of what constitutes the letter R. But that’s not the case when it comes to jeans, where it’s all about the three F’s; Fit, Fabric, and Finish. For their new pants, Gustin is going with All-American selvage denim from Cone Mills, one of the few remaining domestic denim manufacturers. These are jeans you’d normally find for $205 at retail, but now through Kickstarter, Gustin will ship them to you directly for $81. That’s a savings of $124, if my rithmetic is right.

Chaval Response XRT Heated Gloves

Have you ever wanted to grab radioactive plutonium with a pair of your own personal gloves, feel its Mediterranean warmth, and fantasize about somehow saving the world? Well, get yourself a different pair of gloves because you won’t be able operate nuclear substances with these, at least to my knowledge (I am way out of my league). But what you can do is keep your hands extra toasty with these fleece-interlined Chaval Response XRT Heated Gloves ($390).

The heating they produce is self-acclimated and the gloves can last anywhere from 4 to 7 hours (three times longer than its closest competitor), depending on how much heat they have to generate—which is about the same length it takes to fully charge them. Also enjoyable are the Play and Pause buttons near the cuff area, which makes them seem like they come with built-in super-punch-vintage-Batman-sound-effects: BAP! BLAM! THWAAK! ZOWEE!

Executive Pinstripe Hoodie

The Trayvon Martin case spurred a massive new interest in hoodies, but we didn’t notice many CEOs joining the trend. Thanks to Betabrand’s new Executive Pinstripe Hoodie ($148), now they can. It’s a zip-up hooded sweatshirt that looks like it’s right out of the boardroom. The dry-clean only garment is made of “100% superfine merino wool” and dammit if that doesn’t sound impressive.