Samsung Knows What You Want: 105″ TVs

Another company will show off their entry in the increasingly popular “obscenely large, slightly curved” tv category. LG announced their 105″ earlier last week. Now, Samsung plans to show off their own 105″ curved ultra HD TV at CES 2014. It’ll feature a 5120 x 2160 resolution, 21:9 aspect ratio and throws around fancy terms such as ‘Quadramatic Picture Engine”. Quadrama-what-what? Just know this nifty marketing/technological invention will give provide crisp, clear ultra hi-def content no matter the source. That could be the old HD rabbit ears or those things called ‘Blu-ray’ players. Pricing will be announced at CES 2014, but let’s be like The Price is Right and guess $100k.

LG 105-Inch Curved UltraHD TV: A Case Of The Bends

“It’s OK for it to have a curve,” my doctor told me the other day. Whew. Now I can buy that 105-inch LG UltraHD TV! What? You didn’t think I was talking about… oh god no! Get your mind out of the gutter. LG’s mind (and Samsung’s) is apparently on massive TVs that bend it like Beckham at the corners. The 4K UltraHD 105UB9 will feature a 21:9 aspect ratio, 5120 x 2160 resolution, and Thin Film Transistor (TFT) pixel circuit technology to prevent color leakage. Ah leakage… another thing my doctor said was normal. We’ll find out the price of this beast at CES early next month.

Philips DesignLine HDTV: Now Lean Back

It’s getting harder to stand out in the field of television design, but the new Philips DesignLine TV doesn’t want to stand out; it yearns to lean. This set, made from a single sheet of glass, has no base stand; just lean it against your living room wall and let the ambient light (a great feature that should’ve been copied by every other TV manufacturer) cascade off the surface behind it. Is this the set for a family of rambunctious toddlers? Probably not, but you can always put them up for adoption.

Uppleva: IKEA’s All-in-One Entertainment Systems

Those crafty Swedes are at it again. IKEA, the purveyors of fine furniture and some of the best um, Godis Chokladagg around, have something magical up their sleeves. Later this year they’ll be rolling out a series of all-in-one home entertainment systems that come with a LED TV, 2.1 sound system with wireless subwoofer, Wi-Fi, and Blu-Ray player. They’re calling it “Uppleva”(it means ‘experience’), and it aims to reduce cable clutter and give you that perfect IKEA showroom look without you having to illegally live in their store. Europe’s getting it first, with the base model expected to fetch about $995.

Vizio CinemaWide HDTV

21:9 is not only the ratio of guys to girls at every party you’ve ever been into, it’s also the aspect ratio that Vizio is about to unleash on the American TV-buying public. CinemaWide is what Vizio is calling their new premium collection of LCD sets which will allow most movies to be displayed without those pesky black bars. 50, 58, and 71-inch sets will be available, with edge-lit LED backlighting in effect on the two smaller sizes. Toss in active shutter 3D, and really, is there any reason left to step foot inside a movie theater? I mean, if it makes you feel better, when you grab a soda out of your fridge, throw a $5 bill out the window–now you’ve got the true movie theater experience.