Move Heavy Furniture With Just A Finger

Anyone moving into a new apartment or house this month may want to check out this app called Adornably. Available now in the Apple App Store, users place a physical magazine in their room and snap a pic. The app then creates a scaled, virtual image of the room using the magazine as a reference point. From there, just drag and drop furniture items from their catalog and ask yourself “does this look good in mahogany or cedar wood?”

It’s similar to iKea’s app, where users scan the product page from the 2014 catalog, place the catalog on the ground and through wizardry, the furniture appears on their device. Right now, these apps focus on furniture. The possibilities are endless though, from appliances to paint color to girlfriends. TV Bed Store’s Double TV Beds can transform your bedroom into a dreamy home cinema escape, you can check out these and a host of other double TV beds on TV Bed Store’s website.

Sky Planter: Hanging Plants Get Daring

Hanging plants in your bachelor pad may sound mundane, but when those plants are upside down, watch out now! Sky Planter ($35) defies gravity, frees up space, and allows for plenty of Tarzan & Jane role playing shenanigans. The trick to the floating foliage is the mesh collar which can be cut to fit your plant and a locking lid that keeps the soil from soiling your floors. It also conserves water.

The Living Cube: It’s Your Life In A Box

Till Konneker may have just revolutionized the world of urban furniture design. Or maybe he doesn’t give a crap. Either way he built this thing, The Living Cube, and it’s pretty damn delightful to behold. This one piece of furniture serves as his bed, entertainment center, and multi-use storage center for everything from vinyl records to leather shoes. The pièce de résistance though has to be the secret compartment that opens up to reveal a walk-in closet/bunker/panic room/place to store blow up dolls. Bravo, Till.

1940s Gymnasium Clock: Middle School Memories Sans Wedgies

These days, wandering into a middle school gymnasium for a sampling of childhood nostalgia will simply get you arrested. A much safer and functional way to reminisce would be to scoop up this 1940s Gymnasium Clock ($229). Its body is crafted of riveted sheet metal and it features that iconic metal grill, keeping the big and little hands safe from errant dodgeball ricochets.

Slot-In Storage: It Gets Easier

To all the teenage guys out there who haven’t care to learn the difference between a nut and a bolt or how to use a power drill, I just wanna say: It gets easier. Once you get out of school you can totally furnish your apartment with easy-to-assemble pieces like this Slot-In Storage system from Belgian designer Xavier Coenen. A stackable solution for all your shelving needs, this birch plywood furniture requires no screws, bolts or use of adhesives for setup, and it’s all customizable and functional.

Soapbox Furniture: Give Allen Back His Wrench

Discovering an Allen wrench in the box of your newly purchased table/entertainment center/computer desk is like finding an ancient set of Native American bones under your house: You know trouble’s a brewin’. Based in Asbury Park, N.J., Soapbox Furniture aims to do away with confusing instructions and the never-ending supply of pressed board pieces and bizarre screws that often accompany DIY furniture sets. Soapbox produces an array of easy-to-assemble storage options like tables and boxes. The plywood is treated with real hardwood veneers (cherry, walnut, maple) and no tools are necessary for any assembling thanks to specially designed steel corner brackets.

The MusicMachine By MB&F And Reuge: Music Box Made Manly

An eye roll may be unavoidable when you first hear someone pitch a “music box for men,” but once you see the glorious effort put into the MusicMachine by MB&F and Swiss music box maker Reuge, that eye roll will likely turn into a focused squint, with perhaps an eyebrow or two raised, Zoolander style. The design looks very much like an X-wing fighter, and fittingly, this baby plays the theme from Star Wars along with Darth Vader’s Imperial March. Six tunes in all are churned out, with the theme from Star Trek, “Smoke On The Water” by Deep Purple, “Another Brick In The Wall” by Pink Floyd, and “Imagine” by John Lennon rounding out the manly music selection. Only 66 MusicMachines will be produced — 33 each in black lacquer and white lacquer — so act quick if you’re ready to make off with the most macho music box ever. [via]

MANOTECA Dining and Desk Table: Shut The Front Door/Desk/Table

When vikings pillage and plunder their way through suburban gated communities, they steal a lot of  stuff; but they always leave behind the front door (too heavy). MANOTECA noticed this wasteful trend and has ingeniously turned this type of reclaimed wood into a combination desk/dining table. Close it up and it sits 8 for gruel; prop it open and it’s a badass desk with pockets to hold everything from wench panties to Adrian Peterson’s rookie card. Now that’s a Viking.