Salt Skateboards: Premium Skateboards for Classy Folks

Skateboards still rule as a means of transportation, but maybe you want to class it up son. Enter Salt Skateboards ($220). 100% walnut top and bottom veneers with a middle layer of maple, it’s a durable skateboard sandwich of top-shelf wood. The top features clear grip tape, while the kick tail gives more control when shredding. To the extreme! Don’t do any serious grindage on these, lest you ruin a fine, fine board.

Stare Down at The Common Folk In New York’s Tallest Residential Building

Check out renderings of what will become New York’s tallest residential building, 432 Park. First thing: price. Why ask. You’ll never have enough. One penthouse just sold for $95m, the other is priced at $85m right now.

Expected to be completed in 2015, the building will rise close to 1,400 feet in the air, or about 140 stories. Imagine THAT elevator ride.

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The Closest You Might Get To A Bentley Is Their New Furniture Line

Bentley brings the class of its cars from the road to the home. Its new furniture line includes sofas, armchairs and beds. Each come swathed in either leather, velvet or cashmere. Cashmere! Go ahead and ball out, baller.

Malchert Schlossberg Watch: History On Your Wristory

The Malchert Schlossberg (3,000 euros) is an elegant new offering from Malchert Watches, a new company out of Germany, but one with a rich history. Founder Daniel Malchert comes from four generations of watchmakers, and that heritage and know-how is on display here with the attention to detail. The 36mm 316L stainless steel case contains a Nomos Alpha movement with 100 individual components working hard to tell you the time; the least you can do is wear it.

Grieb & Benzinger Shades of Grey Collection: Meticulous And Masculine

Will the ladies go berserk over Grieb & Benzinger’s Shades of Grey collection watches like they did for those 50 Shades books? They should. These stunning handmade, skeletonized, and engraved watches come in four different flavors, with their white gold cases whetting the appetite for the meticulously made magic inside. The details on these pieces are divine; unlike the details in those crappy books.

Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary Watch: Ready, Jet Set, Go

In January of 1953, an estimated 71% of American TV sets were tuned into I Love Lucy to see her give birth. In other, less gross news from that year, Tissot unveiled its Navigator worldtimer; a watch that oozed class not amniotic fluids. It also told the times of many international cities. Now, to celebrate its 160th anniversary, Tissot is unveiling the Heritage Navigator, a new take on that gem from 60 years ago. The styling of the steel case is quite similar, but a few cities have been changed, with Buenos Aires being subbed out for Chicago and Dakar being replaced by Atlantic. That’s a bummer for those cities, but at least they weren’t subjected to seeing Lucille Ball pop one out. Ick.

Hermés Atmos Clock: Respect My Time

At one point or another we’ve all lost track of time (“I thought you said our wedding was going to be on Mountain Standard Time!”), but the Hermes Atmos clock from Jaeger-LeCoultre practically demands you never do that again. Magically powered by an hermetically sealed capsule filled with a mixture of gases, this stunner also features an intensely intricate double layer glass dome created specially by glassblowers Les Cristalleries de Saint-Louis. If all that doesn’t compel you to take time seriously, perhaps the 30,000 euros price tag will.

The Coastliner Retro Timepiece: I Love The 50s

VH1 may not have gotten around to airing “I Love the 50s,” but that doesn’t mean the decade that saw the birth of rock n’ roll, television, and the Stanky Leg doesn’t deserve its glory. Tim Hadleigh from the UK has always had a thing for classic American cars from the 50s, and he’s created a watch that’s designed to evoke the feel of cruising along the California coast in one of those sweet rides of yesteryear. The Coastliner (375 euros) features a stainless steel case; mirror polish finish; calfskin, light brown leather strap with light green lining; and stainless steel push-button deployment clasp.