The Macallan x Oakley Flask: For God’s Sake, Protect Your Liquids

We’ve covered our share of flasks here, but this one may might take the job of Booze Protector the most seriously. The Macallan Flask ($900) is a joint venture between The Macallan distillery and Oakley (yes, the sunglasses company), and the result is this incredibly rugged specimen. A stealthy blend of steel, carbon fiber, and aerospace-grade aluminum oughta keep those liquids safe, no? A rubberized bottom and a subtle air vent on the side make this flask ready for the most important job any container can have–besides of course, the nacho cheese dispenser.

Oakley Airwave Goggle

Would you like some Google with your goggles? OK, so these Oakley Airwave Goggles (500 euros) don’t let you surf the web while on the slopes, but they do feature a fanciful heads-up display that includes GPS, Bluetooth, and even personal skiing stats. Connect them to your iPhone and control your music, text messages and caller ID while careening down the side of Nutsmash Hill. Hey, you’re a multitasker, right?