Every Hunter Needs a Slingshot

Cast your eyes on the Marmoset FB (Flat Band) Slingshot ($50). The truly modern hunter may want to pack this for an extra special challenge. This isn’t one of those flimsy wood and rubber band inventions. The Marmoset FB Slingshot comes with a laser cut band slot and unique guide slot allowing for a perfectly straight shot each and every time. An iron sight on top makes for precise and accurate aims. If hunting isn’t a favorite, use this to huck small objects at the frat bros.

[H/T: Gear Hungry]

Sand Play-Doh: Bring Out The Slightly More Mature Child In You

Have you grabbed a handful of Play-Doh recently? Stuff’s still pretty fun. But there’s that whole social stigma attached it, what with it being a “child’s toy” and all. But this new Sand by Brookstone ($25) is clearly not a toy; I mean, it even says it right there on the website, “For ages 5 and up.” Its special properties make it soft and stretchy and yet also flow-through-your-fingers-able. It sticks to itself, not you, and unlike Joan Rivers it never dries out.

Mini Wooden Ballista Kit

There’s not much of a chance of an army of orcs and trolls invading your workplace–or is there? Play it safe and equip you cubicle with the Mini Ballista Launcher Kit ($17). This contraption – laser cut from select hardwood – fires little wooden missiles up to 30 feet, so you’re sure to keep the beasts (or your supervisor) away. Should this fail to keep the enemies at bay, you can always try hot oil.