A Fancy Desktop Wood Slingshot For The Kid In You

You may have grown up, but you still love the same toys. Take the slingshot. You used to make one out of branches and a rubber band, now upgrade to the Desktop Wood Slingshot from RedEnvelope ($50). Get a classy, carved rubber and wood slingshot, durable enough to strike assailants or bug best friends. When not in use, display it in its walnut base. You can even personalize it. We suggest getting it engraved with “the only rubber I need”. If this looks too fancy for you, try this slingshot.

Legos Sports Stadiums

If you can’t make it to your favorite sports stadium, now you can bring the stadium home. In tiny little Legos form. StadiumBrick sells plans to build a bunch of stadiums including Dodgers Stadium, Michigan Stadium, and Bryant-Denny Stadium. If they don’t have it, they’ll help custom make it for you. Make sure you love Legos. The prices run from $400-1200 depending on size. If stadiums don’t get your goat, try these other Legos releases.

Lego helps celebrate 30th anniversary of ‘Ghostbusters’

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Ghostbusters. Long live Harold Ramis! Part of the commemoration includes the special edition Ghostbusters Lego Set. Lego includes all the original characters – Egon, Peter, Ray and Winston, and the Ecto-1 1959 Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance. It comes out in June 2014 and will cost a quite reasonable $50. More release information to come.

White Bronze Army Men. A Classier Version of Green Army Men

Green army men hold a special place for every grown-up guy. Afternoons as a child pew, pew, pewing in the backyard while Momma cooked in the kitchen. Now that those guys have matured (hopefully), those army men have retired to toy chests across the nation. Reconnect with them in a more upscale way, starting with this set of White Bronze Cast Army Men ($65).

The set of 4 was designed and manufactured in the US. Each contains a rifleman, machine gunner, BAR gunner/automatic rifleman and “Follow Me” officer. Leave them on the desk as a reminder to stay young.

People Blocks by Andy Rementer

Here’s a fun toy/art piece from artist Andy Rementer. The illustrator has been featured in The New York Times, MTV, Urban Outfitters and The New Yorker. He also recently put on a show in the Netherlands.

This recent collection, entitled “People Blocks”, features a collection of four wooden characters with interchangeable pieces. All have been hand painted and handmade. Each measures about a foot tall, packaged in a screen printed wooden box and signed and numbered by Rementer.

They even have names: Antoine, Fabienne, Jean and François. We’ll let you guess who’s who, since these come in an edition of 12 and we’re guessing they go for a bit more than we have now. *turns out pants pockets, watches balls of lint fall out*

Every Hunter Needs a Slingshot

Cast your eyes on the Marmoset FB (Flat Band) Slingshot ($50). The truly modern hunter may want to pack this for an extra special challenge. This isn’t one of those flimsy wood and rubber band inventions. The Marmoset FB Slingshot comes with a laser cut band slot and unique guide slot allowing for a perfectly straight shot each and every time. An iron sight on top makes for precise and accurate aims. If hunting isn’t a favorite, use this to huck small objects at the frat bros.

[H/T: Gear Hungry]

Lazyglasses: Because Reading Is Fundamental, And Hard

Grandmas everywhere are still wondering why America’s children have spurned reading in favor of the Nintender. Perhaps it’s because reading is pretty demanding; what with all the holding of books and head turning. Lazyglasses ($16) might actually make reading cool again, thanks to its special mirrored lenses that let you read text at 180 degrees. That means little Jacob can plop down on his Insidious 2 bedspread and read while lying flat on his back. But shhh, don’t tell him: They also work with TV.

Sand Play-Doh: Bring Out The Slightly More Mature Child In You

Have you grabbed a handful of Play-Doh recently? Stuff’s still pretty fun. But there’s that whole social stigma attached it, what with it being a “child’s toy” and all. But this new Sand by Brookstone ($25) is clearly not a toy; I mean, it even says it right there on the website, “For ages 5 and up.” Its special properties make it soft and stretchy and yet also flow-through-your-fingers-able. It sticks to itself, not you, and unlike Joan Rivers it never dries out.